Friday, 28 July 2017

Blog Commenting

Today I decided to comment on each gender for blog commenting. I commented on someone from LS2 and LS1. I did blog commenting today because there was one more colunm left on the Must Do Tasklist. I used instructions from a smart comment.


LI: To observe and manipulate two and three dimensional shapes. For this activity I had to learn about three dimensional shapes. I had to use two dimensional shapes and do more things with the two shapes. I had to simpliflie the vertex,edges, and also the faces of the shape. After doing that I had to meausure it and also take the photo of the shape. We also had to give the meaning of the shape. For example if it was a traingle then the meaning of it would be tri because tri means 3 sides.

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Persuasive Writing - ( Taugl )

 LI: To show what we already know about the purpose and language of advertising. This week Mr Ogilivie's writing groups will be learning what persuasive writing is. You can see that there is a picture of headphones with words on it. These words are persuasive words.  Persuasive means a writing peice of words to convince the a person on what the writers opinion is trying to say. It's like your trying convince someone to but one of your products. We had to think of 20 persiasive words or something close to it on Wordlle or Taugl. As you see the tittle i used Taugl because you can decerate it however you want. Wordlle can do that to but it's not good like Taugl.

Kiwi Can

Today we done a task about Kiwi Can. What we had to do was we had to wrtie about whta we learnt and what we did. At Kiwi can today we were learning about emotinal feelingings and Resilience. Resilience means bouncing back up and coping with challenges. We also played games at Kiwi can. The games we played was Emotional musical and Emotinal statue.

Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Winter Learning Journey - Day 4 Activity 2

Today we got to watch 2 trailers. The  name of the trailers was whale rider. What we had to do was we had to watch them and then tell a summary about it.  Whale rider is a movie about this boy called  Pikea ( Short Name) that is in a line form chiefs. In the olden day it was really empty. The people living there was waiting for a chief. A women was giving birth to the new born baby boy chief. But unfortunately the woman died. The Boy had to ride on a whale to show his truth of being chief.  If i had to rate it, I'd rate it a 5 because it is a really cool and interesting movie.

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Winter Learning Journey - Day 4 activity 1

Today for the winter learning journey we had to find info about beach whales. What we had to do was fin info on what people do to save a beach whale. This is my own info  think other people would do. I think they would call the animal help. I also think they would try to help them. People might try to see if they could do anything. But the people that aren't gonna help them is bad people because they have to think about other animals and people.

Winter Learning Journey - Day 3 Activity 2

Predator free

I think that NZ should stop predator that kills other animals. This is my reason because if you try to hurt them they could hurt you back. Another reason why NZ should stop predator because when they grow they might be even more dangerous.My last reason NZ should stop predator because once here done eating animals and plants they might even start to  eat humans. So now I say this STOP PASS OMS STRAIGHT AWAY.

Saturday, 8 July 2017

Winter Learning journey - Day 3 Activity 1

Today for the 1st activity from day 3 were are learning about animals. So what we had to do was we had to go on a site the Rachel ( WLJ manager) gave to us ad then go on it. The site was called Adopt a pet. We weren't adopting a pet but we were choosing one. I picked The Great Spotted Kiwi. The once we picked our pet we had to write info about it.  If i'd name it i'd name it Rusty. This animal is a Native to NZ. Great spotted kiwi eat mostly small invertebrates, especially earthworms and larvae of beetles and cicadas; they also eat centipedes, spiders, beetles, weta, snails and freshwater crayfish. Some small fallen fruit and leaves are eaten. The Great spotted kiwi lives around the south islands.

Winter Learning Journey - Day 2 Activity 2

Today We got to watch a video about the youngest sailor that sailed across the world. Now what we have to do is if we imaged if we were with and interview with Laura Dekker and ask her 5 questions about sailing. Here are my questions to her.

1. Why is sailing fun?

2. What inspired you to do solo sailing?

3. Was it hard for you to sail solo

4.  If you d training... How do you do it?.

5.  Was it hard for you to leave your family?

For bonus points we had to do another interview with another person in our family. We could also do what they like to do. I picked my brother Tawake.

1. My Brother loves to watch rugby so much

2.  H loves to spend to with his family

3. He'd never give up

4. He loves caring about others.

Winter Learning Journey - Day 2 Activity 1

After a short ride through Auckland it is time to start exploring the rest of the country. Today you are going to venture around the north island of New Zealand to look at active volcanoes, gorgeous beaches, windswept coastline and lush, green bush. As a group, you will start at Rangitoto, the largest volcano in New Zealand before driving west to Karekare, a stunning beach on the outskirts of Auckland. You will finish the day by driving north to visit Tane Mahuta, the oldest living kauri tree in New Zealand.

Today for the winter learning journey we had to read and watch abut some places. The places we done was Rangitoto,Karekare beach,Tane Mahuta and Dargavile. We had to read the story's about these places and watch some of the videos of it. Then once we done that we had to pic 3 places we would go to and why. Th first n i think was the best was Rangitoto. I picked this one because when i saw the video it instantly entertained me. also pick this one because exploring the largest volcano is pretty insane but cool at the same time. I also picked this one because when I saw the people hiking I thought it was cool because sometimes people could tell you things about nature you didn't even know. The next one i picked was Karekare beach because i love beaches. When I looked a the photo i thought it was beautiful and really amazing.I also picked this one because you cold do lots of tings at the beach like volleyball. The last one I picked was Tane mahuta. This one I picked because i love learning new things about trees.

Friday, 7 July 2017

Winter Learning Journey - Blog Commenting

Hi Angela

Great Job on finishing of your reading work. I think you've done and excellent job. I think you should add in why we had to use the hats, Don't you think?. I really love the info you've added on your Venn Diagram and your Current Events. How did the Finder of Facebook find it? Keep up the amazing work, your doing very well :).

Today I have commented on Angela's blog post. I think Angela added the right amount of info but not much info I need.  Al though I think Angela done a good job on her work as she did tried her best at doing it and giving away her time to finish of her work. I thought to comment on her blog because she always finish of her work and does work for Mr Wong or Mr Ogilve when she's done. I think Angela is a great student and always knows what to do and when to do it. This is part of winter learning journey as well. This s just another task to do if you have finished doing the other task's. You also get some points on commenting on other people's blog post to. I think winter learning journey is a good way to hep other people if they don't really blog well. This also is a great idea because if you are one f the people that don't finish of your work this is a way to help you know when to do it, Also the Winter Learning Journey is a smart idea because you could be drawn in to get some prizes and stuff.

Winter learning Journey - Blog Comment

Hi Lyric

I Think you've done a good job with you Cyber Smart work. I really like how you have added take screenshot because some other people might not do that and do the others from your ways to avoid it. I like take screenshot because then you could show the police or someone that wold help you. The matters of getting bullied is bad because you right get arrested and getting bullied could go far that's how you cold get arrested. Have you every been bullied before?.

Today I Commented on another person's blog post. But this time I commented to Lyric's Blog. I comment on his cyber smart blog post. In a Comment there is a Greeting,positive attitude, A Suggesten, What they need to improve on and a question. Blog Commenting is hard a bit because thinking of what to say is hard. Th easiest about commenting is saying something nice about their work or them.

Winter Learning Journey - Blog Comment

Hi Ofa

I really love your flag, It Really looks sporty. I think that you should and in dome of the NZ colors to make is be looking like NZ more. What inspired you to make this flag?. Good Job Ofa you done well.

Today I got inspired by Ofa to comment on his blog. I got inspired because i thought I would go on his blog and see what he has done already. I think Ofa really one well because when i saw his blog blurb it had the info it needed and what he learnt and done.

Winter Learning Journey - Activity 3

Flag Look (Link)

Today for the 3rd activity for the Winter Learning Journey. What we had to do was we had to go on a website that Rachel gave to us.  Then we had to start to create our flag that we needed to make. I couldn't screen shot my picture so I just put the link on.We had to do this because it had to be like if we'd change the NZ flag. This activity was bonus points but I also found out that NZ had its flag  for 115 years. This was really fun because I really put my time and thought on what I wanted.

Winter Learning Journey - Activity 2

1. Rangitoto

2.  Urban Parks

3. Modern Malls

4. Elliot Stables

5.  Ponsonby Central

Today For another activity of the Winter Learning Journey we had to watch a video (  What we had to do was we had to watch the video and then on our blogs we had to write down 5 of the most interesting place's we think we'd go to.  We had to read this video not also to do the activity but to know about NZ more. What I've Learnt from this video is that in NZ Auckland is one of the popular city and that Rangitoto is very most offend to be seen.

Winter Learning Journey - Activity 1

Fact 1

The Past four hundred years before Christopher Columbus and the rest of Europe were scared about falling off the edge of the world ( Which was scary), Maori people sailed a lot of miles across the unknown Pacific going on canoes and became the first place of Aotearoa (New Zealand). To this day, Maori culture is a core part of New Zealand’s national finder.

Fact 2
Becoming one of the locals could be really hard.But once you get to know people more they could even want to be more than friends, They could be be BFF with you. But when your in New Zealand it i really easy to become friends with other people. This might even be your favorite part on your visit. With your new friend you guys could hang out anywhere you guys might even be long life friends.

This is my first activity for the winter learning journey. What we had to d was we had to go  n this site click facts and then find 2 facts about New Zealand. For the winter learning journey we are going to find out facts about NZ.

Thursday, 6 July 2017

Winter Solarstic Animation

Today For Inquiry we had to do something about matariki. Me and my partnar Nyjah done the WInter Solerstic. We got info on when it happens and what happens. This was pretty hard doing because it took for ages for me to know what to do next. I really like How nyjah done the drawings because it really suit well for the rest of the slides. Matariki always happens at about June when matariki is about to start. Matariki is the cluster of the seven sisters. There is a lot of diffrent story's to look at for matariki. But the one i'd prefer the most is the one Tony Rolleston done beacause that really entertainded me to know what happens next. I found out that matariki is maori's new year and that they get close together and tell storys. Matariki is mstly commen because when it happens We'd at least have to know about it so then when we grow up we could tell little kids about it. Matariki is one of my favourite celebrations. Matariki is really fun to learn about because the more you know the more you'd get close to known the real story.

Blog Commenting

Today for another part of work I done a blog comment. This is also known as a smart comment. In a Smart Comment there is a Greeting, A Postive Attitude, Suggestion, A Question and a Nice way to finish it of. I done this comment to Avalon beacsue when i saw her animation I thought it really need more detail in it so I picked her to comment on. I think avalon needs to improve and adding more info on the Winter Solorist because she mostly just done A Ground,Sky,Grass,House,Person and then at the very end she added what the earth does. But though it I think Avalon tried her best.

Weight Comparing

NameWeight (kg)
Marieta59.8Our weights
Gorrila-160Boeing 787-27,700Sewing Machine-9.9Desktop Computer-30
54.2+59.8+48.5= 162.559.8 + 48.5 = 108.354.2- 45=9.238.4-8=30.4
L.I: To Measure out weight scales
Today for maths we got to do our weights. What we had to do was we had to get into our normal groups that Mr Wong done for us and then we had to weight ourslefs. Then on a Google Spreedsheet Everyone had to put there names on and Then our weights. Once we done that we had to get in  a group of 4. In  my group we had Mele,Nyjah,Fui and Myself. Then we had to create another google spreedsheet and add our names onto it a long with our weights. Then  we had to compare our weights to a gorilla, A Boeing 787 then the other 2 was our choice. We done a sewing machine and a desktop computar. All of our weights had to be included. We also had to do a lot of researching to find out the weigths. 

Tamaki Rap - Plastic

Screenshot 2017-07-04 at 22.40.45.pngScreenshot 2017-07-04 at 22.40.11.pngWhat we done first was we got into groups of 4 and then line up in rows of our group. I was group 3. Then the 2  teachers called Daughter and Lix set us up at a table and at my table there were 2 sets of paper,A Stapler. Some scissors,Glue sticks, Magazines and boxes of leaves.What we had to do was on the paper we had to find none plastic places and then cut the magazines then we had to glue it on the paper. We wanted to decorate it so we stapled some leaves on. Then it was time to rotate. At our next table We had to glue rubbish on papper but try to make a stadium out of it. BUt for this one we diddn't have enough green.On Our next table we were with Miss Lix. What we done theres was we learnt about turtles on what would happen if they'd eat to much plastic. The answer was DIE what we had to do was we had to glue rubbish on the turtles tummy and on this one Joseph,Alex and Aung Naing Drawed on the turtles face which mad e the turtle look weird. On our last table we Were with Mrs Daughter. We had to draw stuff on what we could use instead of plastic. BUt instead of drawing We instead used the matirial to make a bag and more. At the end 2 people groups and to go up nest to the stage and show what we have been doing. I had really fun doing this because i got to learn the bad thins about plastic.

Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Venn Diagram and Current Events

LI: To engage with current events

Today for reading we had to do a Venn Diagram and a Current events. What we had to do was we had to make a copy of our Venn diagram. Then we had to find 2 new articals that were the same. The site we had to find the same articals wasd KiwiKidsNews and NZ Herald. Or else we could just find it on KiwiKidsNews. Once we done that we had to Write on one circle the info from KiwiKidsNews then on the other circle we had to write down the other info we got from NZ Herald. Once we were done with that then we had to do current events. FOr this one we had to choose a diffrent artical.  I done 2 billion people use facebook. I picked this one becasue i wanted to knew why this happend and how it happend. For the venn diagram I done Google got $3.7 billion fine. I done that one becasue i was intrested why google got $3.7 billion fine. The thing that was hard doing was my Venn diagram beacasue doing the both on google a bit hard for me. The easiast thing to do was my Current events because i'm a bit used to doing it and it was easy for me to use my brain more when i'm at home.