Monday, 14 December 2015


Today I made my very own crane.We mad it with origami paper.It was very hard for me but easy for the other girls and Liam.I got very confused doing mine because I could not see how Miss Paton was doing it.

Stain glass window

This is my art I made today.I had fun doing this.I made an angle because I was thinking of Jesus.It is a Stain glass window we are also doing origami.

This is my 10 things I don't want for Christmas

This is my 10 things I don't want for Christmas that I made today. These are all the things I do not want for Christmas.

Monday, 7 December 2015

Room 7's Overall Flag vote

This is my Final overall flag vote.People like the original flag because it has been around new Zealand for a long time.The original flag had the most votes because it has 15 votes.The Silver fern-Blue,Red and White had 8 votes because people loved the original flag just the way it is.I think the governor should not change the new Zealand flag because it is part of our country. Do I really want to change a really perfect flag.

Room 7's Favourite Flag-Votes

The Flag that had the most points was the last one because Everyone liked it.The one that had the least points was the red peak because Only one in room 7 liked it.7 people picked the silver fern-Black and white flag.3 people voted for the koru-Black and white.2 People voted for the silver fern-blue,red and white.

Friday, 4 December 2015

Xtar Maths

This is my xtra maths I did today.I got 41 right because I counted ing my head,fingers and I already knew some.I got 1 wrong because I thought it was another number.

Thursday, 3 December 2015

Xtra Maths

This is my xtra maths I did today.I got  39 right because it was so easy and I  counting in my head and with my fingers.I got one wrong because I pressed to numbers at a time.Next time I will get that one right.I will try to answer them in 3 seconds.

Revising Writing

On Saturday I was at my Papa's, Aunt’s, and Uncle’s”, house getting ready for Halloween. When I saw my papa dressed  up in a spooky zombie. I was dressed  as a purple bat. I was ready for Halloween. Me and my Papa were going around the houses asking for lollies.

We went to a house that was very black and very spooky my Papa got scared I told him don’t worry It's just a house full of Halloween decorations. There  Were  spiderwebs and bats and witch decorations I knocked on the door and out came a man dressed as a ghost and a lady gave us sweets yummy happy treats.
I said to them  thank you. I went down to another house that wasn't spooky as it was
It only had spiders and a black witch’s  broom. I knocked on the door and out came a lady dressed up as a black witch she gave us chocolates and candies.

When we stopped at Kings Road we saw my friend Zara and her Dad Babu they were going trick or treating for yummy treats me and my Papa were walking to Zara. We asked if we could come with you to get yummy treats they said yes. When we stopped down at the cafe we had a hot chocolate and a strawberry cupcake. 

Than we went back down to coral cress  to go to other houses for trick treating
When we saw another house that was even scarier I said happy trick or treat and out came a man dressed up as a spider he  gave us lollies  and chocolate it was fun when we went Halloween. Than it was time to go home and I said bye to my friend Zara and went home to eat all the goodies .

This is my writing I did with my buddy Vahoi.We done this yesterday and today.We had to fix the mistakes that the person made and make the writing make sence.

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Xtra Maths

This is my Xtra Maths I did today.I got 4 wrong because I thought it was a diffrent number.I 27 right because I knew that answer and I counted with my fingers.I missed one because it was hard.

Thinking groups

This is my thinking groups I did today.I did this with Hajera.The answer was 15 because there was 3 rows of 5.I ha fun doing this

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Xtra Maths

This is my xtra math.I got 30 right because it was easy.I got 3 wrong because I thought it was  another number.