Thursday, 30 November 2017

Decide my Flip

LI: To create a test and see if it is random or not random.
This week Mr Wongs group done Decide my Flip. This task was a very long and hard working one. FIrst we thought wheel Decide wasn't random enough. So we had to think of something else that would be random. So we choose coin. Then what we had to do was we had to get into partners. My partner was Julian. We had a spreedsheet to record our details. We had to flip the coin and spin the wheel decide 100 times. This would have to equal up to 200. I done the coin fliping and Julian done the wheel decide. I liked doing the coin fliping. But it was kinda long.Then with the whole class we had to collect our data. We had to add the first part of our name along with our partners first part of their names on a box then add our data for heads and tails. Once we done that we had to make a graph but on our own Decide my Flip spreedsheet.

Koala Karts

LI: To try and get all quesions right
LI: To try your best
Today for Other I wanted to do Koala Karts. Its meant ot be spelt Carts but I think they wanted the K's to ryhme and look good. Koala Karts is a fraction game. You have to guess how many counters ae in the fraction set. I vs other people and came 1st place. I am so proud and proud of the other players for trying. This game is really fun and I am 2nd serious on this game.

Jet Ski Addition

LI: To get all addition problems correct
Today for Can do I wanted to do Jet Ski Addition.Again I came first but with my actual name. JSA is really fun. I enojoy trying to get my quetions right or wrong. Any place on the score board is the place I am meant to be on for the questions I got right or wrong.

Blog Commenting

LI: To Comment on other peoples blogs.

Today for blog commenting I decided to blog comment on Sakina's Raz kids work. I commented on the book that she read Alias and the furniture troll. Readng he blrub got me intersted.I think sakina done a great job creating her blog pot.

Kiwi Can

Kiwi Can
LI: To learn new things from kiwi can

Today for kiwi can We learn about empathy. Empathy means puting yourself in other peoples shoes.Not literally but like if you had to swap lifes for a day and see how it goes.The first thing we done was a greeting game. We had to get into partners and label ourselfs A - B. I was B. A-B had to be seperated, We each were on the other part of the room.Mrs Latoya had to say a greeting then we had to do the action with our partner. But of course Mrs aLtoya told us the action before playing. Then we played Change the Object. So in our groups we had get the object for example a bead bag then turn the object into something else like head phones. We also had to show that object ( action). Last of all we done GKQ ( Genral Knowledge Questions )

Kiwi Sport - W7T

Kiwi Sport
LI: To learn new skills from kiwi sport then retell it.

Today at kiwi sport we leanr a new skill.It was called Fore Hand Lift.Basically we had to get a buddy. Mine was Nyjah. I liked being with nyjah because she really encouraged me to believe in myself. Why? Because I kinda was doing bad at it. First we had our Partner our you to cath it and the other person serveing it. We had to do it 5 times each. Then we could go onto our rally. Rally was hardest for me but I tried my best.At the end we didn't do 2 on 2 we done 1 on 1. It was super fun. Its hard to believe that I won most of my games. It was so much fun. I like doing badminton.

Raz Kids - Morty The Meany

LI: To read the book of raz kids.
  1. Today I read the book called Morty The Meany. This book was so intersting and really helps other peopl. It helps other people if their angry. In the book it has a solution what to do if your angry. This book was about Morty. He had a really bad day. First it started of with His teacher asking him to solve a problem, He thought he had the answer to it but his teacher said it was wrong. THen at reces he was siting on a table when his friends came over. They started to say mean things to Morty. Morty thought they were teasing them when they were actually joking to make him laugh. Morty was super angry so he stopmed up to them and said " SHUT UP " His friends was in shock and said it was only a joke.

Its Novel Time

LI: To make connections,summerise,evaluate and synnthesise facts when reading text over serveal days.

Today for reading we done Its Novel TIme again. As always we choose another book to read. This time me and my partner Chavda read the book for 20 minutes The Giraffe and the Pelly and me.This book was really cool to read and I liked the part when Billy thought he was at the Zoo. Together me and Chavda devoleped some new words that we didn't understand. But I wasn't there at the time so chavda had to do it herself.I am super thankful to have chavda as my partner. Together we make great buddys because we work together to find out what this word means and ideas.

Government Service

LI: To Identify the topics we pick and to do reserach over a period of time.

Today for Inquiry we leanrt more on the government services.As always we got into new groups and got with another partner. My Partner was Kaitlyn. She was a good partner to me. We worked hard and also worked together to find books and more. The 2 topics we choose was Councils and Welfare.e had to finish this in one day. Unfortunatly for Kaitlyn she couldn't find any books on her topic Welfare.But I kinda got luckily and found 2 book facts.

Friday, 24 November 2017

Athletics Day

LI:  To talk about Athletics day.
Today we had athletics day. It was so much fun. But at the same time everyone was exhasted. It was super fun. We done athletics day so then we could aslo be fit. Because some of us are not fit.Athletics day had so much activictys. One of my favourtie one was the sponge game. What we had to do was we had to get into our colour group. I was red. Then We had a sponge witht aht sponge we had to go under a high jump line then jump over another high jump line then there is a bucket of water. You had to out the sponge in the bucket of water and then race back with the left over water you have from the sponge you had to squeeze it into your team bucket.Red team came 2nd and blue team came 1st. Out of all the games Green and Bule came 1st.Everyone had to participate.We all had 8 stations.

Thursday, 23 November 2017

Table Conga

LI: To know your time tables
Today fother other I done tabels Conga. This time I learnt my 9 timestables and got them othe tables conga. I am so pround of myself. Now the only times tables I have to lean is my 7 and 8.It has been a great journey learning my timestables.

Jet Ski Addition

Today for Can Do I thought to do somthing else. So I done Jet Ski Addition. I called myself FijiBati because I wanted to support their rugby team.It was hard and really easy at the same time. I tried my best and won. I was so happy I came 1st place.How you play this game is you have to name boat then start the game. Once you start on the bottom you have to answer some addition problems.

Blog Commenting

LI: To blog on other peoples blog
Today for blog commenting I commented on Jack's blog. I commented on his police visit.I think it is smart doing a video on his blog because I think most peole didn't do it.Jack is a really samrt boy and I haven't been commenting on his blog for a while so I thought I would.

Raz Kids

LI: To read a book from raz kids.
Today for raz kids I read a book called Captain Morty Commands the Sku. This story is my all time favourtie. Morty and his Grandma goes to Calafornia.This is Morty and his grandmas first time.To find out what happends next go to Raz kids and login in. This is on the letter T.

Kiwi Can

Today at kiwi can we learnt about respect- communication.For our energiser we played the game Stinky socks. It was a fun game and I won both rounds. Mrs Latoya had to make a beat and then say a number. There were 4 hoops. Once Mrs Latoya called a number the we had to get a number of thoose feet in a hoop. We could use both of our feet to count.The next game we played was Bean bag. There were 2 teams. We first decided who was gonna be the tager. The if you were the tager you couldn't move but you could throw the bean bag to each other. You'd have to run if you arn't the tager then you have to run and f you got taged with the bean bag your out. The last thing we done was GKQ.

Kiwi Sport

LI: To practise diffrent skills through badminton
Today for kiwi sport we learn how fore hand serve. It was much eaiser for me then back hand serve. My partner was mele. We done the same thing as last week. First thing we done was practising our back hand serve. You or your partner had to serve it and the other person had to cath it. We had to do 5 serves for each person.Once we done that we done a rally. We had to see how many we could get all in one go. Me and mele got 10. That was our best one besides 6.Then We got onto challenges wich was 2 on 2. It was so much fun and me and mele won 5 times which was pretty great.I had so much fun at kiwi sport.

Mathematical Probability

LI: to compare and contrast a probability test with a statistical survey.

Today for maths Mr Wongs maths group did a survey.On our book we had to make in our best writing survey and test and also the date. We had to pick a dice, I choose a dice that goes up to 12. Then we had to go around asking people to pick a num ber form 1 to ( your number). On our book under survey we had to add ther persons name we were asking and near their name put the number besides it.One we done that we had to do the survey results from 1 - ( your number ). Then add beside it how many people choos this number.

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Firestation Visit

LI: To make a blog post about your Visit.
Today the whole of LS1 went to the firestation. It was really cool. I learnt a lot. Maybe the info I learnt could give me a headstart on becoming a fire fighter. We first learnt about their shifts. They get 10 hourse maybe day or night. The are a crew of 4. Te next thing we learnt was about the truck and their job. I learnt that fire fighters have to add on a oxegene mask because they can't breath smoke. Fire fighters work 24 hours.I found out that the truck had tools. I was suprised because I didn't think they'd need tools but I found out info on why like maybe if the house door is locked. One thing I loved about this visit was when the showed us the top water hose becuase they put the water on the peopple sitting down. It was really cool. I think I was the one who got really wet.

Monday, 20 November 2017

Its Novel Time

LI: to make connections, summarise, evaluate, and syn
these facts when reading texts over several days.

Today fro readin we done Its Novel Time again.This time me and my partner Chavda read the book Fantastic Mr Fox. This book is really intersting. It was crated by Roald Dahl. I like Roald Dahl books because they are chapter books and I like reading long books.

Friday, 17 November 2017


LI: To convert the number of chances probability into percentage probability. Today for maths we have been doing fractions. What we had to do was we had to sovle some problems first then crate a game. Once we created our game we had to make a video on it. We had to do the probiability chances. We also had to get some people to play our game form Mr Ogilves group. I had Angela


LI: To Identify Trades.
Today for inquiry we done trades. It was kinda the same as last week but again diffrent groups and diffrent partners. My partner was Mojitaba. If you were a girl you had to be with a  boy and if you were a boy you'd have to be with a girl. Me and mojitaba done the worker Electician and Builder. It was quite fun to learn about them. I never really knew the an electician's work  was dangerous.

Thursday, 16 November 2017

Tables Conga

LI: To learn timestables

Today for Other I did Tables Conga. This time I am doing my 3 times tables. It was quite easy but I gotta say I kinda got stuck on some. Tables Conga helps you learn you times tables and have fun at the same time. You are having fun by running away and trying to choose the right number. Next time I will try to do my 7 timestables.Hopefully I do well and try not to get caught.

Free Rice

LI: To donate rice
Today for Can do I wanted to do free rice. Again I done english vocabulary. I got all answers correct. I was proud of myelf. I donated atleast 950 grains. I hope this will be enough to feed someone because I really care about thoose who want to eat. I think you guys should play free rice too. You can pick any subject you want to. Here is the link -

Blog Commenting

LI: To comment on other people's Blogs

Today for blog commenting I commented on Ofa's Brushing your teeth animation. It was really cool. His animation must took a long time to do. I couldn't believe he done 232 slides. I think Ofa done well with his work. Ofa is a really hard working student and he is very smart to me. One question I would ask ofa is How long did it took him to make this animation?.

Nelson Mandela

What did he include in his speech?
He added in his info on why we should change the world and our community

How is his speech persuasive?
He added in why  we should change the world and our community
He added in his Point of view
He tried to persuade us
Eye contact
Clear voice

Does this speech have a Rhetorical Question?

Questions I would ask
What made you choose this speech?
What inspired you?
What culture are you from?
How did you remember you speech?

LI: To understand how to deliver a speech/What techniques can be used when speaking.This week Mr Ogilve's writing groups done speeches. But a bit differently. We had summerise on someone. I done Nelson Mandela. He is a very intersting guy.Nelson Mandela was president of South Africa for 5 years. What we had to do was we had to find a speech on him and on a doc we had to write in some questions and the answers below. I wasn't her on monday to know what to do but I did get some help on what to do. This weeks must do was really fun. I enjoyed it.Nelson wanted to change the word or how to change it. I loved listening to his speech.

Raz Kids

LI: To read a book of raz kids.
Today I read we're in business. It was very intersting. This book was about these students. They had to do a prestentation for the Kid company leaders team. If you won the would get 3,000 dollers for their subject. I would rate this a 9/10. 

Kiwi Can

Kiwi can WW5

Today for kiwi can we learnt about communication. We done some fun challenges.We first started of with our engeiser.This game was called knights,gentleman, and horses. At most of the time I was at the dentist. But with the help of my friends they told me what happend.The next game Group B done was val cones and valleys.I learnt most of this game and saw what happend. Cones were around you.You had to get the cones to fall done while the other person trys to put it back in place.The last thing we do which is my favourite was GKQ - Genral knowledge Questions.

Kiwi Sport

Today for kiwisport we done badminton. It was really fund. We learnt the swiss and more. We done a lot of fun challenges. My partner was Avalon. The first thing we done was a warm up game. This game was stuck in the mud. I didn't really get taged much. I only got taged 2 or 3 times. Alex and Jack was the tager. Then with our partner we done some back and forth hand with the shuttle lock and the racket.Then we had to practise passing the shuttle lock to each other with a net. 

Police Visit

LI: To learn about what polices do.
Today we had a suprise. That suprise was the police. They came over and told us about their job. It was really intersting. I learnt a lot. But one thing I didn't like was how it was really hot.My favourite part was when the helicopter came for the landing. THe grass was flowing away. Some even cam in our class room. We saw this german shepard dog. His name was Kaho. He was a very freindly dog.I had fun and this suprise was amazing. One thing I learnt was that dogs have 42 teeth.That's incredible.

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Its Novel Time

LI: to make connections, summarise, evaluate, and syn
these facts when reading texts over several days.

Today we done Esio trot again with Its Novel Time.This time we had to do diffrent words. I like the book Esio Trot because it is really intersting. It makes me laugh sometimes and it is really kind that Mr Hobby would do anything just to be with Mrs Silver. It is kinda extreme that Mr Hobby Brought 140 tortoise I thought it wasn't true untill I thought about the start of the page with the Aurthors not. It said it was a true story. I was quite amazed.I like doing Its Novel time because it helps me with my reading.

Thursday, 9 November 2017


Kiwisport TW4

Today for kiwisport we done batmintion. It was really fun. It ws my first time because for the last 2 weeks I wasn't here. I kinda failed at doing it. But still I tried and manage to hit the shattlelock with my racket. It was fun. Myy partner was Mele. Mele Was really good. I kinda sturggled with hitting the ball because I couldn't do it properly. All was well and I had o much fun. Kevin was our instructor. He was a very good insructor because he helped me and taught be how to use the racket properly.

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Tables Master

LI: To practise times tables fast
Today for other I done tables master. I've just learnt that 11 times tables were really easy. SO i decided to do it. It was really intersting. But the only ones I got stuck with was 11x12,11x13 and 11x11.

Free Rice

LI: To practise subjects on free rice and donate rice.

Today for can do I done free rice. I done another math subject. But this time it was a bit easier. I manged to get 270 grains of rice. I didn't relise that I got 270 because it felt kinda short while I was answering the answer.

Blog Commenting

LI: To comment on other people's blog

Today for blog commenting I commented on TPS blog. I commented on the school leaders form PBS blog.This was their movie that came up on the big screen from the movies I think they had an awsome voice. It was very cool.

Raz Kids

LI: To read a book off Raz Kids
Today for rax kids I read the book called alaska. This book was intersting. I found out that Alaska wa the state that frist had gold. Alsaka wasn't that inportant untill gold was found.One thing that is important to Alaska is Oil.

Its Novel Time

LI: To make connections,Summerise,Evaluate and synthesise facts when reading text over several days.

Today for reading we done Novel time again But this time we could choose another book. With my same partner ( Chavda ) we got to read the book Esio Trot or the right way Tortoise. We done the same thing. This book ws very intersting. I'd rate it a 10/10 because when I started to read it I got entertaind and it caught my attention.


LI: To identify the professional workers.

Today this weeks must do  we learnt about professional workers. They are Lawyers,Accountist,Doctor,Pilot,Educater and Businessman. This week we had to get into a new group but you can't have people from your old group. Me and Mele were partners. We done Docter and pilot. this weeks task was like last weeks but with professional workers and with a new question.

Monday, 6 November 2017

Wheel Decider

Today for maths we've been doing some more fractions. For our must do we had to create a wheel decider on choices. We had to add in choices. We had to add in on our first wheel 5 choices and when we'd spinned it, it came our choice. We had 1 out of 5 chances for number 1. For the second one I had to do 1 out of 10 chances. For our last one we could do anything with any number. I done What's your horse name?,Whats your favourtie slime and Whats For the first one I got Katie as my horse  For the second one I got Sticky slime This last one was drinks and I got Frozen Coke

Friday, 3 November 2017

Safety with Fireworks

LI: To create a DLO on showing how to be safe with fireworks
Today LS1 and LS2 have been learning about Sky fawkes. We learnt about the story and the purpose of Sky fawkes.This was really important because if we don't be safe with fireworks we can get hurt  really bad. Mele was my partner and my group was Savelina,Nazela and Mele. We had to create a DLO showing a message and rules on how to be safe on Sky Fawkes. Sky Fawkes is on the 5th of November. I think the peom gose like this, Rember rember the 5th of november. We could show how many rules but we had to have the maxin of 3. Me and mele done 5 and we also done a message. This was really fun and I liked learning about Sky fawkes with Mrs Anderson and LS2.

Thursday, 2 November 2017

Tables Master

L.I To try and do your times tables fast

Today fro other I wanted to do tables master Ass you can see I done a diffrent Times table. I done 11 for the first time and I relised that it was really easy but I got stuck on 11x11,11x12 and 11x13 but I manged to try and kept on going. I think I have to learn thoose times tables and memorise it. The only times tables I have to learn is 8,9 and 7. But the res I already know.I went slow because as I said I got stuck on some.

Emergency Services

LI: To look at more than one information source when researching.
LI: To record facts in your own words

Today for Inquriy we done Emergency service. This was part of our local community. What we had to do was get into a group of 6 some people couldn't do that so the people left standing up had to be in a groups without you choosing. Then we went over some emergency Service that is really impotant. As you can see on the slide we had the names of the emergency service. One we finished discussing in our group we had to find a partner. Then we had to pick 2 of the emergency service and with your group you had to agree or not agree.My partner was Fui and we done Fire Fighter and Police. Mr Ogivle and Mr Wong put around some information of you job you ae doing. With that info you had to write it in on where it said teacher. But of course delete teacher.

Free Rice

LI: To donate rice and get smarter at subjects.

Today for Can Do as normal I do Free Rice. I always do the English Vocabulary but today I have chnaged.. I wanted to do maths. It was hard because there were questions like 63 / 7. But although it was hard I manged to get them right. I took guess but when it came for times tables I didn't really gussed cause I knew the answers to them.This time I got 420 grains of rice. I think that is a lot.

Blog Commenting

LI: To blog comment on other peopl's blogs. TOday for blog Commenting posted a comment of a yr 5's blog. This yr 5 was Victoria. She had done so much good work I wanted to check her blog. I was quite suprised she had lng blurbs. I posted a comment on her Raz kids blog. In her blurb she told the whole story I think. The story was very interesting and I seemed to enjoy knowing about the story Morty te Meanie.

Punctuation - TREE

L.I: To revie a recount

For todays writing must do I had a lot offun. Over the past few weeks Mr O's Groups were doing recounts. Izt was really fun. We had to include TREE - T - Tittle - R - Reveal - E - Events and E for Ending. We had to try and make a really good recount because we were also doing a rubrick and all of us wanted high scores.For this weeks must do we had to pick one of the rubrick and work on that one. I choose to do Punctuation.

It's Novel Time

LI: to make connections, summarise, evaluate, and synthesise facts when reading texts over several days.
Today for reading we had to do It's Novel Time again. We done this again because some of us done it wrong. So then we read the same bood for 20 minutes each day. We also done some of the slides once the 20 minutes was over. My partner was Chavda. I like working with chavda but the main thing was we had to do this write and to do what the L.I said.

Raz Kids

LI: To read books from raz kids.

Today for daily 6 I wanted to read more from raz kids. This is because I am on a new level and I don't get to read much from raz kids. For today's book I read All About Chocolate. I found out so many things about chacolate. One thing I found out was that chocolate was made from a tree that is called a cacao tree. Some words that I didn't really know from this book was Fermented,Conching,Solidified and Plantations. Luckily I found out some of the definitions.

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Kiwi Can W3

Kiwi Can WW3

Today fro kiwi can we learnt about respect. We played some activities that we realliy needed to corporate at.The frist game we played was tangled circle. What we had to do was Mr Latoya and Mr Malu put us into groups and then we had to put our right hand up and grab someones hand. We had to do the smae with our left. Then we tried to untangle ourselves.On our last game we had to stay into our groups. Then we had to wait for our turn. We played other teams well only 1 team because they kept on winning. This was Jack's team.We had to encourage each others to pass the ball and more.