Thursday, 24 March 2016

Acrostic Poem By Marieta

This is my poem about easter.We had to write the sentence on each of the letter. that word stands for easter

Easter origins by Marieta

This is my Easter origins I done today.We had to find information on this.I found out that Easter was named after a girl called Eastor.

Friday, 11 March 2016

KWL On Monarch Butterflies

What I know
What I want to learn
What I learned
Monarch Butterflies wings are soft and they can break easily

Monarch Butterflies are scared of people

Monarch Butterflies wings have the same pattern

Monarch Butterflies can’t fly in the wind or the wind will blow them away

Monarch Butterflies are so pretty

You can make a Monarch Butterfly

Monarch butterflies are friendly
How does monarch butterflies turn into butterflies in their cocoon?

What do they like to eat?

how does Monarch Butterflies wings break easily?

How do they get out of their cocoon?

How do they get their pattern when they come out of their cocoon?

Why do they fly around flowers?

Where does Monarch Butterfly's sleep?

What does Monarch Butterflies eat when they wake up?

Monarch Caterpillars can have babies

After a few hours the caterpillar's skin began to split when it is about to turn into a butterfly

The pupa can get smaller and smaller till it is a light green  

After 3 weeks the butterfly comes out and she or he stretches its wings

When the butterfly comes out it rest for a few minutes

When the butterfly wakes up it stretches its wings wind and fly away

This is my KWL chart on monarch butterflies. I learnt heaps of things such as the monarch caterpillars eat heaps of leaves. I love butterflies because they are so pretty and they have a pretty pattern on them.

Thursday, 10 March 2016


Today I done My maths on subtraction.I done level 2 this time because I wanted to do a hard level.I used my fingers because I knew I need some help so I counted with my fingers just like last time I done it.I love doing subtraction because takeaways is my thing


Today I have been on transum.I done my basic subtraction 1 because I like doing my takeaways.I got none wrong because I was counting with my fingers.Some of the answers were easy so I never used my fingers to count them.

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Prototec Basic facts maths practice

Today I went on prototec.I got 6 wrong because I thought it was a different number.I got the rest right because I used my fingers to count them and on the division I got some help because I needed to learn my division .I had fun doing this because I love to learn maths because math can make you get smarter at Additions,Subtractions,Multiplication and division.