Thursday, 31 May 2018

6 Thinking Hats

Today for Poetry we learnt about a Balled Poem. A Balled Poem is a poem that tells a story. We choose to use the 6 thinking hats for the poem called The Whaitakere Balled. I worked with Mele,Jack and Sanujan.

Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Making Connection

Today for reading I've created another Making connections DLO. I have read a new book called The Forty Coats Man. This story is about a man that wears many of coats and goes to this womans house called Mrs Archie just to ask for a cup of tea but sadle Mrs Archie gets mad and tries to hunt him down. But he comes along and meets Jerrie a kind girl who actually likes this man and becomes friends with him.

Friday, 25 May 2018


Today at tech was our last time being at Pewter casting. It was a sad moment. Everyone got to take theirs home and some people got to make a box. We also were able to take some photos at tech with Mr grundy. We also made a thank you DLO for Mr Grundy because we wanted to thank him for teching us a Tech and also helping us finish.  If you want to see the DLO click on the link down below.

Thank you Mr Grundy

Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Making Connections

Today for reading I have created a DLO called Making Connnections. Today I have read a book called I'm a  Wimp. This story is about a boy name Jorden that is alwasy a coward. In the sotry there is many diffrent things he does which makes him look like a wimp. For example he went to swim when his grandpa told not to and the consequence he gets was he almost drowend.

Monday, 21 May 2018

Text messages Using Punctuation

Today for writing we were learning how to use punctuation using text bubles and text. We had used a site to create a fake messaging and could text with any subjects. I choose to do the moives with my friend Talita. I then repeated this but using text boxes and using the messages I've added the names at the end so we can see who is talking. I've also used speech marks because their is a conversation beetween the two of the friends.

Friday, 18 May 2018

The diffrence between the NZ flags / Coat of arms

Today for reading Mrs Kirpatricks reading group have created a DLO about the difrence about the NZ Naval flag and the Nz Flag. I've also added in some information abou the Coat of arms for our country NZ. I found out the the coat of arms leave is also on the 1 doller coin. I also found out what a Taiaha is. It is a weapon that the maori used to fight with. 


Today was our second to last week of tech. Most people in the Yr 7 group have finshed theirs. Some people finished early and got to take their Presentation back home. I ws one of thoose people that got to take theirs home. I made a hert pewter cast for my mum because she is a hard worker and I think she deserves something back. My finish was polished to a mirror finish.

Thursday, 17 May 2018


Today for poetry we were learning about a metaphor. A metaphor is a something that describes a word for example the ocean was a mirror. In this DLO I have aded in the meaning of a metaphor, Examples of Metaphors and my poem.

Rippa Rugby

Today for kiwi sport we were playing  rippa rugby. The first thing done was netball rygby. It is when you are in a team and you have to try get to the other side with the ball on the ground. But you can't move in the game instead you can pass the ball to your teammates. We then had a game when we vs another team. It was the same game but you could move. This time if you got touched by the other team the you have to pass the ball to another teammate. If you dropped the ball then you had to give it the other team.

Kiwi Can

Today at kiwi Can it was our fourth sessions. Our Topic for this term was Integrity and our theme was Making good choices. Intergrity means doing the right thing when no one is looking. An example of making good choices is when you are listining to the teacher. The energisers we played were Hand socer and Clap. Our first game was called clap. It is when you have to clap when Mrs Lilly or Mr Matt make a move. If you clap when they don't do a move then your out. Our last game was called hand ball. It is where we spilted into 2 groups. Then we have numbers. When Mrs Lilly or Mr Matt says a number then you have to go up touch the cones and try to score between the cones. I think this week Kiwi can was really good. We talked about soemn good choices and some bad. A bad choice is when you are drinking while driving. If you drink while driving then you could get a fine or worse get your car towed away.

Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Juxtaposition poem

Summer :

Waking up to a beautiful day. About to get ready for school
The sun shines bright as gleam, as the wind blew with glee
So light and shiney, bright and golden
So energetic to be at school on my first day
Trees are active waving side to side
Can't wait for school,
I'm already occupied
Off I go, Now goodbye

Winter :

I Wake up to a stressful day. Don't wanna start school with people saying hooray,
The cold rain comes pouring down.
Very Cold, Dark, Dull and a struggling day.
So slack to be at school
Trees are frozen looking tragic
So droopy and grieved to go to school
I'm begging please mum let me stay away from school

She says nope go to school.

This week for reading LS2 have been doing poetry. We first read a juxtaposition poem that was called Two Day Wonder. The first text was about the dark sad day and the other text was the happy good day. I had done the same and created my own poem. Juxtaposition means oppistie meaning to a word. My text was about going to school. This next picture was about my Word Clines. Word clines is a ladder that has strong words to weak words. The word I choose to do was Active. Energitic was the storngest word and Eager was the weakest word. The was a collebrative activity. I worked with Nyjah.

Monday, 14 May 2018

Body System

Today for inquiry we have been learning about body systems. I learned some of the body systems so far. I then got to play a game which we have to add the right body part to the person. My higest score is 26. It was a bit trickey but I did have some fun. Some parts of the game got me fusturated. The score has to try and be 26.

Here is the link on the game: Game
Here is the site of labels :  Labels

Friday, 11 May 2018


Today at Tech was our second week of term 2.  Today some people have finished their designs. The people that are done are finishing of their workbook for their report. If you want to you can have the choice of making a presentation box just for the special person you choose to do the pewter for.

Thursday, 10 May 2018

Kiwi Sport

Today for kwisport Mrs Morris took us out to play some games. The first activicty we done was we got spilited into two groups. We had to rugby balls and we had to pass it to each other in diffrent ways. Then staying in our group we took the  race of running to the other end of the socer pole with the ball and running back. We also done that in 2 dffrent way. The losers get to tell the other group what to do for example 10 push ups. The limit was 10. After that we had a game of ball tag. The game was a lot of fun. We had the other group taging our team without out moving. They tagged us with a rugby ball. Our last game was where we each had a bib and we had to run around trying to take other peoples bibs without them taking yours. If they were 2 people standing a girl and boy they would be crowend King and Queen.

Kiwi can

Today at Kiwi can Kiwi Cabn B have been learning about integrity. Our rodule is making good choices. One example for making good choices is not fighting at school. Meaning you are doing the right choice a listen to the rules at school. The game we played was Captins ball. It is when you split into 4 groups. Each group has to face another group. A Captin from each group goes in the middle. The rest of the team will get the ball and try to get it to their team captin without moving


 Today I have created a DLO showing info on Homonyms. Homonyms means the same spelling to a word but a diffrent meaning. For example Bat. There is the animal bat but their is also another meaning wich is like a softball bat. I also created a peom to give a poetry example.

Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Comprehension Reading

 Today I have created a DLO showing the activity Me and Mele have done. The activity we were doing was Comprehension Reading. Comprehension Reading is pcking out a story and reading it. Then a partner has to tell you the questions and you have to answer them. Using a DLO me and Mele have put all of our data on there


Today for inquiry we have been learning about Mnunomic. Mnunomic is a living object the can Move,Respiration,Sense, Grow,Reporduction,Excretion and have Nutrition. For example a Tree can do all of these. A shorter name for Move,Respiration,Sense, Grow,Reporduction,Excretion and Nutrition is Mrs Gren. Mrs Gren can help us remeber what a living object can look like. Today me and Mele have created a DLO showing all the meanings to Mrs Gren . We have also added images to show what we mean by a living object. Some of the images we have was created by Me and Mele.

How to prevent a cow attack

Today for reading I have created a DLO on how to prevent a cow form an attack. What I done for this DLO was I read an artical . After I wrote down some tips on me DLO on the most important part of a cow attack. I then added some pictures of cows and attributed them. I had 5 bullet point preventions from getting attacked from a cow.

Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Lung Capacity

To Compare the lung capacity of students in LS2, We used one breath to blow up a balloon.Then we measured the circumference of the balloon in cm. Then we could ghraph the results to compare them.  Julian had to highest amout of breath in his ballon. Me ,Joseph, John and Te pounamu and the same amout of breath in our balloons The lowest was Avalon.

Monday, 7 May 2018

Nice Work

Nice Work

Synonyms for nice:

As long as a string-Meaning:
As long as a string is a phrase but it is an expression

Example :
How tall am I ?
As tall as a string

Poem : Marvellous Job

My teacher said,
Don't ever use the word marvellous
It doesn't mean a thing
Try...  Heavenly, Suburb, Wonderful,
Ethereal, Alien, Ghostly,
Supernatural, Otherworldly and Weird
Really the choice is as long as a string -
But please just remember this
Never use the word marvellous
Because it just doesn't mean a thing.

Today for Wrting Oaraki have been doing peoms. Today I have created a Google Doc that shows synonyms, Meanning, Example and Poetry. For synonym I have added in 5 synonyms for the word nice. I thendone the meaning to the phrase " As long as a string ".  For example  How tall is the wall, As long as a string. I lastly created my own poem which is based on the word Marvellous.

Thursday, 3 May 2018

Roller Skating

Today at Luch time some of the yr 7 & 8 went to the hall to practise Roller Skating. First we learnt how to get up with our roller skates. You have to get on both knees, Then kneel and have both hands on one of your knee. With that knee you then push. We then had put our feet in a V Shape. Slowley we started walking. If we wanted to slow down we could just put our hands on our knees. My experience Roller Skating was a bit difficult because I couldn't really balance and I kept on falling over. But I kept trying and at some points I managed to skate.

The Unfinished Drink

Toady LS2 have been learnning about a soldier called la Tour Mollet. On his last day at the Waihao Forks Bar he had his last beer. When the train came at 7:20 he gave the publican instructions to make sure no one will break it or Touch so then when he will come back he could finish the drink. Unfortunately La Tour Mollet did not return. He had his last rest at Island Crete. Now the Waihao Forks Bar have laid the bottle of beer on where he exactly put it. It has now have red poppies around it and another poppie get put their every ANZAC and The beer has a glass cover over it.

Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Maori Legend Story

Toady Mele,Me and Chavda have been creating a story using Story Board That. The story we recreated was The Maori Legend Story. This story was about a tree called Tane Mahuta who was the God of the forest who tried conveincing  Gods if he could make a woman so the woman could a child of its own and the earth would have people who enojoyed it.

Tuesday, 1 May 2018



Today for Reding LS2 have been doing some new learning about the Memorials. One thing I learnt about the memorials is where the soilders took part in the war. In stories places are called Settings. Their are 3 main text. They ar Peritext, Images and Text. In each main Idea it gives us some hints of where the books comes from.   Click here for full presentation