Saturday, 20 October 2018

Niue Language Week

Today me and Mele have created a Google Slides  about Niue. It was really intersting learning their numbers, colours and more. We have decided to create a Screencastify to explain to you what we have done and also to pronounce the words. I had a lot of fun creating pictures and working collaboratively with Mele

Friday, 19 October 2018

Basic Facts

This week for maths I have done one of Mr Wongs basic maths challenge. I went up to 100 this time. It was a bit hard because the school holidays have just finished. When I was going through the questions I got a bit stuck but I kept challenging myself to keep going. This Basic facts challenge is a really good way to help you get better at your addition and subtraction.

Kiwi Can

Image result for CARE Panmure bridge school

This week for Kiwi Can we are learning about Respect. Respect means being freindly to one enother and giving full attention to the one that is speaking. It was our first week back at Kiwi can for Term 4. We had a new kiwi can instructer today and her name was Ms Paige, we also had Mr Latu and Mr Matt. Our kiwi can group got split to do a argument about a topic the Kiwi Can instructers choose. Our first one was Should we wear uniform to school? My team was the Why shouldn't we wear unifrom. It was a good argument but Our team managed to get the point. Our last argument was about why we should have Kiwi Can? Whoever got the point has 2 more points added to their team. We were lucky enough to get Why we should have Kiwi Can. The other team had good points but eventually we got the 2 points.


Today at tech I am up to creating my Tinkercad design. I have drawed out the phone holders I chooose to use. My favourite one is the pop socket and the Heart shape holder. I used the site Thingyverse to find my ideas. Thingycad is a site that show 3D shapes. It is  a good site to use for Tinkercad.

Thursday, 18 October 2018

Narritive Poem

Today for Reading we have been learning about Narritive Poem. Ms. Kirkpatrick's groups read a Narritive poem that was made by Pam Ayres. Pam Ayres Narritive Poem was called " Please take your children home before I will do them in " This poem is a funny poem and some words in there are just a joke. I have created a DLO showing information about the Narritive poem and also about Pam Ayres. I learnt that Pam Ayres is 71 years of age and  is a English poet, comedian, songwriter and presenter of radio and television programmes. 

That Was Spring Illustration

Today I have created a Illustration about Spring. I first created a poem that was all about spring. I then got to pick a verse and draw about that verse. I have decided to choose the last verse that is highlighted because I thought it would be easier to draw. At the end, I thought the illustration looks very bright. 


Today I have created a DLO about Peace. On my first slide, I have used 25 words that reflect peace. I then found pictures on google of peace symbols and have attributed it. I choose one of the symbols and created its own slide showing what it means. For slide 5 I choose a peace activist and wrote some facts about them and what they did to create peace. My collage shows different drawings I did on showing peace. 

The New Zealand Shake Out

Today I have collaborated with Mele and Chavda to create a DLO about the New Zealand Shakeout. Together we wrote about the New Zealand Shake out, Facts, Napier, 5 W's and H and we showed a collage to show the drill we had. Learning more about the Shake out was really fun because I learnt new things. I learnt that if you couldn't go under a table then you should lock your wheel chair or sit on a chair and cover your head and neck with your arms and hands. Our school is so lucky to have participated in the drill New Zealand Shake out. Remember when there is a earthquake Drop, Cover and Hold.

Friday, 21 September 2018

The Eye

This week for writing I have created a illustration about a five seven ten writing. I choose to do The eye because I love to draw about mysterious things. Can you guess what the drawings mean?. I tried to be very creative with the pictures. I used the curve tool, Polyline Tool and the shapes to draw my pictures. My favourite slide is the first slide because it gets my attention of what will happen. 

Spaghetti Bridges

This week Mrs. Kirkpatrick's Inquirys group have been working on Spaghetti Bridges. The materials we used was Rubber Bands, Tape, String, and Spaghetti. In my groups, there was Sky, Mele, and Magenta. Together we worked collaboratively to finish it off. We used bricks as an experiment to see which bridge was the strongest. Our span was 28 cm. Unfortunately, our group only got 1 brick. We had only one brick because our bridge kept falling down. I think we should have changed how our bridge stood by itself. Overall I thought this process was really fun.

Design Models

Today at tech with Mrs Ferguson we have been making models of phones stands. We used plastecine. I thought of different designs to create phone stands. I done three models. My favourite model was the hear one because I thought it was cool. How does this design support my phone? It supports it by holding the phone to make sure it won't fall forwards. I think out of all the phone stands Alex's chair case is the most smartest and coolest. How can you improve it? I would improve it by making my case look more better by molding it properly.

Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Problem Solving

This week for Maths I have been solving a problem with Chavda and Fui. It was a bit tricky but we got some help from Angela. We have created a DLO that showed how we solved it. We think the answer is 20 to the equation

Basic Facts

Today I have changed my Basic Facts to up to 20. I done addition today. I think this one was much easier. I am better at addition the subtraction. Thanks to Mr. Wong for creating this amazing DLO using his great coding skills.

Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Michel Mulipola

Today was Duffy Assembly. We had a chance to meet a comic book artist named Michel Mulipola. Michel is not only a Comic book artist but also has been Wrestling and he is a Semi-Professional Gamer. He also illustrates School Journals, one of his books are called Frog. This story is a comic inside of a journal. I had a great experience learning about his life. It was fun to know about him and I learnt today that he wrote a story for the WWE.

Basic Facts

This week for basic facts I have done my subtractions for up to 100. It was very hard but I kep t on trying. The really eay box for me was Box 10 because the main number we were subtracting ended with a 0. This DLO was created from Mr Wong. He used is great coding skills to create this awesome DLO. I  got a lot of try again.

Lynley Dodd

This week for Reading I have found information about a New Zeland female author. I choose to do Lynley Dodd. I know Lynley Dodd by her amazing Hair Maclary childrens books. I remeber that when I was small I would always see the Hairy Maclary books and choose out on of the books to read. I think the Lynley Dodds books are very adventourse. My favourite books our of her Hair Maclary Books is the Hairy Maclary form Donaldsons diary. If I had a childrens book to read for the rest of my life it would be one of her books.

PMI Chart

This week for our create activity I have created a PMI about Horses. The P stands for Plus and it means good things about Horses. M stands for Minus and it means bad things about Horses. Lastly the I stands for Intersting and it means Intersting facts. I learnt today that Kaimanawa is a name that New Zealand uses for our wild horses. I got my ideas from looking at Pons and Cons about horses on a site.

Why We Build Bridges

This week for Writing we have been learning about bridges. So I have created an explanation showing why we build bridges. I learnt that some bridges are not only used for cars but they can also be used for crossing. We have bridges so we can get to another destination. It is very useful to use people from today onwards. Here is the link to my Explanation : Link

Monday, 17 September 2018

Wheel Words

This week for Wheel words my center letter was A. This game was a bit hard so I used four hints. Those hints gave me four letters to the full letter. I used other mixed up letters and I got the word Nuisance. This word means a person causing trouble. Altogether I got 19/ 30 words. I found only 2 obsecure words.

Friday, 14 September 2018


Today was my first day back at tech. I had a lot of fun learning with my new teacher Ms Ferguson. With Ms Ferguson we do  Graphics. To our activity was to make a copy of 2 DLO's. The first one was Phone stands. For this DLO we have been finding different type of phone stands and put them in the right box. Our second DLO was a Design Brief DLO here we listed under the 5 w's and h some questions. Our last activity was to create different 3D ( 3 Dimension ) shapes. I was very good at making the shapes because I took my time to look at the shapes. Overall I had a lot of fun at tech with Ms Ferguson.

Vectors Wero Whitewater park

Yesterday some of the year 7 & 8's went to Vectors Wero Whitewater Park. There we learnt saftey in water. We learnt how to cross rivers and Rafting. We got splited into groups and went to different instructors. Our team name was llama bears. It was a very good experience learning how raft and crossing rivers. Everyone also got to jump in the river and fust float down the river. My favourite part was rafting because when we went down the river we had some waterfalls and it was such a enojyable experience.

Thursday, 13 September 2018

Kiwi Can

Image result for Kiwi Can
Today was my first day back at Kiwi Can. Our theme was Resilience and our topic was Perseverance.  Perseverance means to always keep trying in tuff times. Resilience means to bounce back up in difficult times. We can use Perseverance in time of school, sport and the challenges you face. To show perseverance is Kiwi can we played some games that would show us to not get frustrated but to always keep trying.

Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Fractions Problem

This week for maths I have created a DLO showing how to solve a Fractions Problem. I has 3 text box that showed the Problem, How to solve it and the problem in numbers. I solved 4 /9 of 27, the answer I got to this problem was 12 so altogether Fui had sold 12 cups of yummy lemonade.

Basic Facts

This week we had received a Maths challenge DLO that Mr. Wong Created. Today on the DLO I practiced my 100 basic fact addition. I used different strategies to work out the questions. I had a lot of fun doing this by myself because it shows how good I am with my addition and it also helps me think faster. In this DLO there are 10 addition boxes.

Tuesday, 11 September 2018

VR Research

Today Yvonne and her research team came in and tested some people.Yvonne and her research team came in from the Augmented human lab at Auckland University. They gave us a google cardboard goggles. We looked through the cardboard goggles and saw a world that we could build bridges and do missions. I was one of those lucky people to test it out. I thought that it was very fun and smart. My favourite part was building my very own bridge because I got to see a boat come and drop of my materials. VR stands for Virtual Reality

Monday, 10 September 2018

Wheel Words

Today my letter for Wheel Words was M. Surprisingly  I managed to get 23 words some of the words were hints. I used 2 hints and they got me the 9 letter word and the 7 letter word. Some words were just me doing random letters because I got a bit stuck. I was timed 10 minutes to get as many words as I could. I got 23 out of 40 words altogether. 

Wednesday, 5 September 2018

Greetings - Koeleafakaapapa

This year for Tongan Language Week LS2 and LS1 have collaborated in different groups to learn words for Tonga. I worked collaboratively with Suilia and Angelica and together we have created a DLO showing a conversation in Tongan and translating it into English. We also have created a Tongan character with the DLO. My favorite part about this task was working with people I don't really know and getting to know them better.

Monday, 3 September 2018


Today I have illustrated a sentence that has a colon in it. If you see a colon in a sentence this means a list will come after that colon. I drawed my own stage with a microphone and and audience to show what the sentence looks like in my head. My favourite part about this activity was drawing and being very creative with my picture.

What are sense verbs

Today I have done a quiz about sense verbs. I looked at the questions and on the bottem were options of the answers. I looked carefully and closley to the questions.  There were 11 questions and I managed to get all of them right.  The questions to me were easy because in Writing we write a lot of Explanations.

Wheel Words

This Week Ponui have been doing Wheel Words. My letter today was E.  I think at this game I have got better because I usually practise at home and when when I have finished my work for reading. Wheel word is a game that can help you with your vocabulary. It helps you learn new words and if you are stuck you can use a hint to help you. Altogether there were 35 words and I managed to find only 14 words and in those 14 words I found all the words for the nine letter word, seven letter word and the 6 letter word. Junior was the person who timed us.

Thursday, 30 August 2018

3 Venn Diagram


This week for Inquiry we done a comparison of all 3 structures whcih was Bridges, Tunnels and Towers. In this process I learnt how to use a 3 venn Diagram. It was really easy once I got the hang of it. I worked with Magenta to finish the Diagram and together we found a great amount of information. We got to compare each structure and we also got to learn more about them. In each circle we wrote info about each structure for example the bridge is above ground and the tunnel is underground.

Venn Diagram

This week for Inquiry we have been learning about Bridges. Me and my partner Magenta have made a Venn Diagram about the Golden Gate Bridge and the Harbour Bridge. We have been comparing and contrasting. I learnt thatThe Harbour bridge is 330 feet high and The Golden Gate Bridge is 27 feet.

How to Fish for Eels

This week for Reading I have created a DLO on how to Fish for Eels. I learnt that eels are meat eaters and that they can make human beings die with several shocks. I think that I would not like to fish for eels because they sound dangerous and it looks like they don't want to be in contact with us. I used information form Wikihow to help me find information on how to fish for Eels.

City Fitness

This week for Reading I have created a task about a Gym Class. I got to create a DLO showing a nearby Gym. I choose to do City Fitness because their location is in Panmure. I learnt that in a gym they have different memberships for everyone. 

New York

This Week I have created a task that had include places in New York. I have chosen to do 6 different landmarks that people in new york visits. The places I had done was the Empire State Building, The Statue of Liberty, Times Square, Central Park, Metropolitan Museum of Art and Brooklyn Bridge. I had also put in a map of each place.

Wednesday, 29 August 2018

Decimal Problem

This week for maths we hav been learning about Decimals. We leant how to add problems and how to solve them. I created a DLO showing how to use decimals and this DLO can help others learn how to solve Decimal problems. You use decimals by adding them by rounding and compensateing. 

How To Tell Analogue Time

This Week for Writing we have been learning about the Analogue Time. I created a explanation on how to understand the Clock and how to tell it. The numbers are multiplied by fives so if the minute hand is on 3 you times three and five and the answer would be the minutes. I learnt thhat the proper word for numbers on the Analogue clock is called Numerals. I learnt how to tell the Analogue time in 2016 with Mr Wong.

Tuesday, 28 August 2018

Tunnel comparison

This week I have been learning about tunnels. I wokerd collabortively with Fui and Nyjah to finish this task. Using a Venn Diagram we compared and contrast  the Gotthard Tunnel and Water View. My favourite part about this task was working with other people because I usally like to work alone.

Read Theory Progress

This Week I have received my progress on my Read Theory Account. It looks like that I have done a really good job. Read Theory is a great reading site that will help you gain your reading knowledge. Read theory has loads of different non-fiction stories that you can read. My grade level is grade 6 because I have been focusing on reading the question carfully and picking the right answer.

Wednesday, 22 August 2018

Decimal Quiz

Today for maths I have done a quiz about decimals. It was quite hard because I forgot how to use decimals. I worked with my friend mele to get the answers right. We knew the structure of decimals would be thousands hundreds tens units tenths hundredths thousandths. This structure really helped us get through the quuestion 1 - 10. At the end of the quiz we managed to get all the questions right. 

Monday, 6 August 2018

Wheel Words

This week our reading group ( Pounui ) have been doing wheel words. I only had found two four letter words because I couldn't think of any words with the letters in front of me. I had found more obsecure words because I was dong random words.

Thursday, 2 August 2018

Tuhi Mai Tuhi Atu

Today I have posted a comment on Nyah blog post about how she made a Purerehua. Nyah is from Karoro school. My favourite part about her blog post is that she said that she went out looking for her materials and not only that but she also cleaned up our enviorment. I think her blog post was really good because I could understand her steps really well and she also put up a video on how she done it.

Thursday, 12 July 2018

Night at the Museum

Watch the Video ( click the link ) - Link

On Saturday the 7th of July I went to the night at the Museum. Night at the Museum is an event that has all things to come alive. Voices are heard, shadows are movng and objects are coming alive. At this event we all needed out torches and me and my family explored the Museum. The head rosie sneaked us in quietly because we didn't was to get caught from the head gaurd Bob Tick Box. If we do get caught he would throw us out but to stay safe we either hide when we see him or say we are cleaners. I met a lot of multitude characters with stories to tell. I met a Dinosaur, a Pacific navigator, a suffragette, an ancient Egyptian servant, a warrior princess, a statue with attitude, a nurse, some soldiers and a whole lot more. My favourite part about this night was getting to meet the Nurse who was serving in the war. She was very kind and told me a lot of stories that happend back in. At the end there were files of the characters. We talked about the disasters the characters were going through. All of a sudden we saw Bob Tick Box and had to come up with an idea fast. Rosie head of the event asked us if we should salute when Bob Tick Box came. At that time it was very terrifying but at the end of the event I had a lot of fun and Wish to go again next year.

Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Pro's & Con's

Today me and my gorup have created a DLO on Pro's and Con's. We had thought of the not so good things. We though of a lot of great things on what to put on pro's for example no paying bills. Both the Pro's and Con's list were easy because we had some help from our collaborative sharing about the Pro's and Con's.

Friday, 6 July 2018

Chicago Teams

This week we had a big welcome to our 2 lovley teachers Mrs Anderson & Ms Kirkpatrick. When they came back they told us about the Chicago Sports Teams. We got to create a DLO showing information about the teams. Their were Baseball. Hockey, Football and Basketball. I learnt that the Black Hawks were created in the 1926.

The Story Behind the Lighthouse

This week we have learnt about a lighthouse in france. This lighthouse was going through a storm. The lighthouse keeper named Jean Guichard was very scared. A helicopter came and Jean Guichard ran outside to be saved but he soon relise that a Photographer called Theodore Malgorne was taking photos of the storm. Soon Jean Guichard is saved, he is now safe out of the storm.

Pro's & Con's

This week LS2 have been ldoing Pro's and Con's. Pro means good and Con means bad. We got to list down the good things about living in a lighthouse and te bad things about living in a lighthouse. We all worked collaboratively with our groups. At te end of the session we got to shout out our ideas. We ended up getting a lot of great ideas.

Thursday, 5 July 2018

Lighthouse For Sale

THis week LS2 have been learning about Lighthouses. This activity was to create a DLO showing a lighthouse that is for sale. I made my Lighthous up and I decided to name it the Rockhill Blue Lighthouse. I choose this name becaue I saw the rocks and I saw the Blue that was on the top of the tower. My DLO has very bright colours because I want it to look likea great advertisment.

Get Wise ASB

Today Jaydon from the ASB bank came today to talk to us about money. The activity that we done was a money game about a trip to Fiji. In this game we had Entertainment points. In the trip we had to pay for some things for example our Passport, Flight, Insurance, Accomnodation, Food, Shop Supplies and Activitys. Our budget was $1,800. In our group we discused what we were going to pay for each one. At the end of the game we ended up of having $100 dollers left and had the points of 31 Entertainment points.

Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Matariki Celebrations

Today the whole school had celebrated Matariki. To celebrate we first had a preformance with the Kapa Haka. Then the Drummers, Room 1 Kapa Haka, Ukulele group and then the Pacifica group. I preformed in Pacifica. I had a lot of fun dancing with the rest of the group. After the preformance of the diffrent activitys we then had as a school sausages. We each had 2 sausages each. My favourite part about this is dancing in the pacifica because it was my first time I felt more confident. A big thank you to Whaea Odie for setting this event up and giving us the sausages.


Today I have been collaborating with LS1 to find information about Matariki. In my group I had Fau, Kaitlyn and Mele. We have been sharing ideads against each other to find some facts. We talked about What Matariki was, Who the sisters are and how they celebrate Matarki. Using our smart searching skills we found out a lot of great information Matariki.

Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Kahoot Creations

This week all the groups in LS2 has been working collaboratively to create Math Kahoots. This was our chance to see which group will be best at solving the equations. In my group we used Word Problems, Times tables, Division, Addition and Subtraction. The team that is featured in most of the Kahoots gets to do Digital Devolpment. Groups in First, Second or Third is one of the featured players. My group haven't been featured in any of the kahoots because sometimes we press the wrong answer. 

M&M's Research Presentation

Last week for maths we have been learning about M&M's. Me and my group had created a DLO showing history of M&Ms, Graphs of what we found and Comparing their percentage of M&Ms to our's. The next week our groups had presented the DLO's. I found out that tan M&M's came before blue M&M's. My favourite part about this activity is seeing the other DLO's the other groups created because some of their DLO's were very intersting. 

Thursday, 28 June 2018

The Inchcape Rock

This week for reading we have been learning a poem. This poem that we lenrt was called a balled poem. We had ceated a DLO showing the meaning of one of the verse. I used verse 10. My favourtie part about this learning was hearing the peom Mr Johnston had been telling us.

Tuesday, 26 June 2018


Today I have been learning about M&M's. I worked collaboratively with Fui, Julian, Aung Naing and Affonso to find out some facts about M&M's. I found out that a man called Forrest Mars created M&M's by seeing soliders eating a sugar coting shell with chocolate inside. From now on today M&M's are a known to be favourites.  I also learnt that peanut M&M's were invented in 1954.