Friday, 26 May 2017

Raz Kids

Today I read a book called hoseshoes arn't just for good luck.This book was about this boy and his grandmother.The boy saw a beach next to his grandmothers house and asked his grandmother if he could go but the grandmother said she'd had to tell him the rules then he coul;d go.The Next day The boy went to the beach and saw some these sea animals,The boy went to his granother and aaked him what they were.Her grandmother told him and then each and everymornign the boy would always go to the beach.

KWL Darth Vader - Ruaumoko Rages

What do you think you know?
What questions do you have?
What have you learnt?
  • The article is about a volcano.
  • Volcanoes erupt.
  • The baby is the owner of the volcano.
  • The stuff coming out of the baby is steam.
  • Lava comes out of volcanoes
  • Lava is very hot.
  • Volcanoes are big.
  • Volcanoes are loud when they erupt.
  • Volcanoes can erupt at any time.
  • There are earthquakes when volcanoes erupt.
  • Lava can burn a lot of things.
  • You will burn and die if you get in a volcano. (The baby is part of legend)
  1. What happens to the baby?
  2. Why is the baby in the volcano?
  3. Why is there steam coming out of the baby’s mouth?
  4. Is the baby a real baby in a legend?
  5. Does the volcano erupt?
  6. How did the baby get in the volcano?
  7. How do volcanoes erupt?
  8. How are volcanoes made


  1. He turns over, crying, and spits out fire and hot rocks.
  2. The baby is a god, the son of Ranginui and Papatuanuku,the god of volcanoes and earthquakes.
  3. He gets grumpy and spits out steam.
  4. The baby isn’t a baby, but is the youngest son of Ranginui and Papatuanuku
  5. The baby almost made the volcano erupt.
  6. There’s no particular reason, but the baby represents the god Ruaumoko.
  7. The magma chamber fills up with magma then the volcano erupts. When the magma leaves the volcano it is called lava.It is also formed when the eruption is violent and the lava is flung high in the sky


9 When do volcanoes erupt?
10What are volcanoes made out  of?


11 How is lava made?

12 Why is Ruaumoko a God?

   Active volcanoes can erupt anytime
Volcano's are made out of Domes,Strato cones and Calderas.

11.Lava is made when the magma has came out of its chamber

12. Ruaumoko is a God because he was made by to god's Ranginui and Papatuanuku.

Most of the world's active volcanoes are found along the edges of the tectonic plates.
The cinder(Is something that hasn’t being thrown in a volcano) ,Mantle(Is a Layer of hot mantle) rock. and a Molten( is a Materials that have been melted by the heat)
Pacific plates in the ring fire. That they make lots of hot rocks in the ring fire.

 LI: To find questions and find answers

Today Darth Vader group Were working on questionning.We read a book called Ruaumoko rages.This book made us learn about valcanos and about a god.This book was really intersting.After that we had to write some questions and find the answers in the book.

Letter to Once-ler ( Plan )

  •  Who - Once-ler,Lorax
  • What- Once-ler cuts down every trees in his town for money.

  • He should take responsibility and Reduce Reuse and Recycle. be Persuasive to him.Get him to not cut the trees.Change him


Dear Once-ler,

My name is Lorax. I have heard you have been cutting all of the trees and have only done this for money. To reduce your waste you should plant lots of seeds after cutting the trees. To reuse you could change your machine into a machine that would make more trees. If you do not want to do that then you should recycle your machine you could get a hammer and smash until it is broken. If you don't stop this the humming fishes and the birds could die and there would be no more animals that would live in our town because of you. Maybe you should change. Why don't you give it a chance? You should reduce reuse recycle and never cut down trees or you could cut down the trees and recycle the wood and have the truffula tufts on the top then the tree could grow more tufts on the top.

LI: To persuade using reduce,reuse and recycle arguments.

This is my letter to the lorax.4 weeks ago we read a book called The Lorax.We done a lot of assignments on it.Today we had to write a letter to the lorax and try to get him to change.

Setting Description

LI: To write a setting discription

Today for our writing we wrote a setting discription.First we had to choose a setting on our example with Mr Ogilve.Then we had to put the picture in the middle and add a text on the bottom,One saying Tell and another one saying show.For tell we had to use our 5 sense which was Smell,Hear,See,Feel and Taste.We had to discribe the picture that was in the middle.Then for our show we had to write something more intresting and fun to listen about.

Friday, 19 May 2017

Garbage dreams

LI:To produce the right wast of where it is suppose to be.Today we got to play a game called garbage dream.This game was really fun,when we first start the game we had to waste our money on some sort of rubbish.Then we got to play the real part of the game.We had to sort out the rubbish in the middle.

Making Connection

Text to self
Text to text
Text to world
  • What i know about taupo is that it is NZ 2nd biggest lake.I also know that when the volcano erupted the lava made a really really big hole and then when humans were made they filled up the whole with water and then Taupo was now lake Taupo
  • Lake taupo is in the north and is next to rotorua.
  • 26,500 years ago Taupo the volcano had erupted..Luckily there was no people living in NZ because if there were people would of died.Scientist knew there were no humans weren't there because there were no human making in the ash.
  • The book said the most recent taupo eruption was about 1800 years ago.
  • In china when the Taupo volcano erupted china record this,They knew this because it said on the book that there were ashes in the sky,The sky was dark,and the dust darkened the air which made the sun get blocked by something.

LI: to make connections with a text Today for reading we learnt about connections and lake Taupo.What i learnt about connection is that it is like connecting to something like text to text,Text to self and text to world.We had to read the book taupo and find text to text,Text to self and text to world.We also got a question to think of and find the proof for it.

Raina Telgermeier

LI:To wirte a charcter description.

Today for wrting we done charcter descripton.What we had to do was get send a template called Intersting charecters and people.We had to pick  charecters and people and then atribute them.Once we were done we now had to make  a google drawing and pick a charcter and write a description about that person.

Thursday, 11 May 2017

Smart Password

LI: to learn what,how and why to make a smart password.

Today for CyberSmart LS1 got to change there passwords into smart passwords.We got to get in a circle and discuss what is in a smart password,Why do you need to make a smart password and how do you make a smart password.Once We talked about the quetion Peter came up with a quetion which was what is behind a smart password,Then we talked about that while Mr Wong was writing them down.

Prove it!

LI: To identify punctuation marks. Today for reading we got to do Prove it!.What we needing to do was learn about punctuation marks aand read a book called ( Getting closer) and find all the punctuation marks like a full stop,commer,Speechmarks and mmore.Once we were done learning we had to get two books take 2 pictures of if they both have a explamation mark ! and put it on prove it!.


LI To identify What kind of waste is there,What is waste and Source of waste.

Today For inquiry we were learning about waste.We had to go on a site that tells us about What is waste, kinds of waste and source of waste.We had to read the info on the site and make a google drawing,Then we had to write the info down in our own words.We also got to be in a group my group was Lukah, Me and Claudia.

Measuerment Recording

Measured objectDimensionSizeMeasuring unit
swivel tabledepth6+3D rectangle
BinWithd18 +3D triangle
glove boxwithd6 +3D triangle
White boardlength1 +3D rectangle block
Respect boxDepth14 +3D Rectangle block
Water bottlelength11 +3D triangle

LI: To mueasure lengths usig non-standerd measument.For maths we got to make our own rulers.How we done this was we got handed a paper that was shaped as a ruler.We had to pick out a shape for example a 3D Block and rule it on the papper untill we were done.Then we had to put numbers on top of the lines and start to measure objects and record it on a sheet.

Story Web - Golden eggs

L.I To identify parts of a narritive  ( L.I to investagate figuretive laungauge.)
Today for writing we had to read a storry called the golden egg.What we needing to do was we had to read a story and identify Topes. Topes meaning is t for tittle, o for orientaion, p for problem, e for events and s for solution.Once we did that We had to go on the LS1 site and go on our group's slide then find the story web then write in what we found for the Oreintation,Event's,Problem,Resolution and the ending.

Friday, 5 May 2017

Raz Kids

This book was about a boy named taba we always cared about his village because they were poor.One day Taba went to get some goats from the top of the mountain when a nice breeze wind came to taba and said " taba taba I will grant you 3 wishes for being kind to your villagers.Taba thought it was just a dream but it wasn't .So taba wished for his villages to be happy and eat well.I learnt from this book that to never be selfish and care about others even if they're mean to you.

The Lorax

To identify parts of Responsibility,Connection and causation in a issue

We learnt about Responsibility,Connection and causation.We got to listen to a story called The Lorax and once the story was done we got sent a template and write in it about the responsibility the change and the causation about the story.

Story Organsier

Story organiser

  • Copy and paste paragraphs of The Kite’s Tale into the correct section.
  • Tell how each section helps the reader (the purpose of each section).

Copy and pasted story

The Frogs’ Race

The name of the story
One day, a group of frogs decided to make a race and get to the top of a high tower.
A lot of people came to see them and give them their support, but the race had just begun and everybody was already saying that the frogs would not get there: « It doesn’t make any sense going on! You’ll never reach the top of the tower! »
Who's the character-Frogs
What happened-They had a frog race
Where it was-To the top of the tower
when it happened-Day time
The 5 w's and the h

Little by little, the frogs felt disappointed and discouraged, except for one of them that continued to run. And everybody cried out: « Give up! Give up! You’ll never get to the top! » Listening repeatedly to these negative words led the frogs to abandon the race after all, except for the one frog that, despite what people were saying, and though alone and with great pain, continued to run and finally reached the top.
What went wrong in the story
Deeply astonished, the other frogs wanted to know how she had managed to do it. They came to her and asked her what her secret was.
And it was then that they found out that… she was deaf! And then the teachers all noticed too, and shouted: ‘Look at that bird!’. And then the whole school shouted: ‘LOOK AT THAT BIRD!’.
The main character thinks of a plan and use it to solve the problem
Take a healthy life attitude: Never to listen to people who are negative in their intentions. Be deaf to discouraging words and always follow your dreams to the end.
Solving the problem that happened
L.I :To identify the parts of a narritive

Today for Writing we are learning about Topes.Topes stands for Tittile, Oriantaion, Problem, Events and Solution.What we needed to do was we had to read a story and put the story in paraghraphs of Topes.I worked on this with Mele because it would of been much eaiser for us two.

Find,Draw,Animate and act

L.I : To leanr the vocabulary of geometry and muesurement

Today for our math activcty we had to do find,draw,animate and act.What we had to do was we had to go on the LS1 site and search for the words that was on our group slide.We had to search for the meaning for example  Vertex,Vertex means a coner or a point were lines meet.

Thursday, 4 May 2017

Word Webs

L.I To self-monitor our own understanding

Today me and mele have been working on our word webs work for reading.Our story was Carrot top,What we had to do was pick a word we didn't understand form the carrot top story and find out what it means then write it down on word webs.