Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Inquiry On Valerie adams

Today I was working on my Valerie Adams athlete for inquiry.Valerie Adams is New Zealand's Best shot putter.I got some help from my friend sky and Brooklyn because when we were looking for information about her none of the links showed as about that information we are looking for

Word problems

L.I to use addition or subtraction to solve word problems Today me and Brooklyn were working on our word problems for maths.We first had to do study ladder to try work out the answers.It was kinda hard because some of the questions were talking about both.

Writing word problems

L.I To choose addition or subtractions to solve word problems Today me and Brooklyn were working on our writing word problems.We had to write on each slide one of our own the end me and Brooklyn could finally write down the answers which was kinda hard.

Friday, 16 September 2016

Study Ladder

L.I to solve word problems using addition
 Today me and Brooklyn was working on our maths for Waikato and Whanganui. Me and Brooklyn thought it was hard because we did not understand some of the questions.We had to do two dight subtractions

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Transum-Tables Conga

Today I was doing transum. The maths game that I played was tables conga.What was hard was trying to get away from those x's.I had to get away from the x's so I don't die while finding the numbers.I went in 5 this time because I love doing my 5's.

Table Master Times Table

Today I was doing my times table.I was doing my 10's time table.the thing that was hard about this was looking on the screen to see what the number and looking on my key board for the answer.The thing that was  easy was my 10's time table for example is the number was 4 x 10 you would have to count how many tens there is.There is 4 tens because it is always about the first number.The answer was 40 because there is 4 tens and 0 ones so it would equal 40

Friday, 9 September 2016


Today me and the fat's group were working on our diet.Diet means the food you normally eat.In My group were,Mishaan,Sylis,Jonathan,Mr Wong and Calvin.We were the best team.We had watched 2 videos 1 of the video was about Vitamins and minerals,Fat,Protein and Carbohydrate.The other video was on The C.R.A.P test. C stands for Current R Stands for ReLiable,A stands for Aurthoritive adn P stands for purpose all of those words stands for C.R.A.P

Procedural Writing

L.I To understand the role of verbs in procedural text
   Today Me and Sky were working on our procedural writing.We had to watch a video on how to make a ham and sandwich.A verb is and action word like go,run,wave,smile or jump

Words Web With Ruapehu

L.I To find the most important (main) idea in the text
Today me and my group (ruapehu) were doing our word webs on the Robbers mask.We had to find the definition of what the word means.We had to look for the words we did not know.We had hard times doing this because we done 52 slides.We had to do the definition,Synonyms and the opposite meaning

Thursday, 8 September 2016


Today I was playing a maths game called table master.Table master is a game on timetables. I done my 10's time table because it is easy.The fastest number I got right was 20 that went with 2 x 10.the slowest answer i got wrong was 70 that went with 7 x 10.The thing that was hard about this was looking for the numbers for my keyboard because it i was probele because i was going to fast so I could get 16 seconds but instead I got 36.

24 Hour Footprint-Cybersmart

\ Today With Ms Sharing We were working on our Cyber smart.on our Cyber smart we were learning on our footprint.We first had to go on Pixlr and make a drawing of and island.when we were done we had to save it.Then we had to make a google drawing and put the background as our island drawing we made.After that we had to go on our History (which is Ctrl H) and see what we have been on yesterday.We had to then find a logo for example a gmail logo and put it anywhere on our island.We also had to find some little steps to walk where we went on yesterday.The thing that was hard was making a island because all the yr 5's could not draw a island but we all tryed. What I thought that was easy was putting on our logos and footsteps.

Brooklyn and Marieta Maths DLO

LI:To solve word problems using addition Today me and Brooklyn were working on our maths.We were doing study ladder for our maths.I got more right than Brooklyn because i got 8 and she got 7.The thing that  was hard was for me and Brooklyn was the part when we had to do study ladder because the  answer was harder than we thought.We got most answers right because we helped each other also counted with our fingers

Friday, 2 September 2016

Procedural text

Today I was working on my writing DLO. The thing that I found hard was seeing were each screenshot had to go. The thing that I found easy was taking the screenshots. My next step is to give more information about what I did.

Basic Subtraction 4

This is my basic subtraction level 4. The thing that I foud hard was 76 - 37 because it was the hightest number from the rest but I got the answer by going 76 - 30 = 47, 47 - 7 = 40, 40 - 10 = 30, 30 + 9 = 39 and there I had my answer. The thing I found easy was 28 - 15 because it was the smallest one to solve that is why I found it easy to do.