Thursday, 28 September 2017

Challenges for Maths

LI : T problem Solve
Today for maths we done challenges. There were 3 challenges. Each one was  bit hard. For the first challenge Mr Wong's math group done mixed problems. There was a goolge slide with mixed problem. Mr Wong's math group had to help each other. This is why beacause if one person failed then all of us failed. We all failed. For the second challenge was a interavtive timestables grid. We had to make a times tables gird with all the correct answers. What I mean was we had to make it if it was right then it was green and if it was  worng it would be pruple and if there is nothing there then its white. Look at the photi to see a better example. We done this by clicking forat then conditional formatting then do green for right and more. This took me a while but I manage to do it right. On our last challenge was pencil code We had to make a drawing of a 3D shape. It was hard so our maths teacher Mr Wong told us to use a protracter.

Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Kiwi Can

Kiwi Can W10- Wednsday
Today for kiwi can we mosly played games. These games helped us learnt some things. The games we played was a game kinda like vollyball but diffrent. We had to make sure it didn't touch the ground.The otehr game we pplayed was numbers.Another game we played was Ball,Throw and touch. These games helped us know to help each other and have that eye out for people. It also helped us by working with others to get a goal.

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Find,Draw,Animate and Act

Today for reading we had to do buddy reading. What we had to do was we had to find a partner in our reading group and read 3 books. Then once we finished reading one of them we had to do a doc, What I mean by this is that on a doc we had to fill in some blank space with some questions,Syllables and more. Then we had to make a Find,Draw,Animate and Act. We had to look in a book we pick and in all of the slides we had to put,find and video the words we don't know. One of the words I diddn't know was pleaded, But know I know what it means. It means begging for something and its kinda like haoura by showing mental health.

Democracy - Padlet

This week
for inquiry's must do we had to make a google drawing on the meanig of deomocarcy.We have been learning about the elections. The elcetons we are larning about is the 2017 election. We had to find facts on the elections that is happing. Some people doen a padlet that had some of your own knowledge f the election. I think we had to   makek the padlet so then when you guys look at our blog you'd understand what the election is for. This mostly help children that doesn't know what the election is for.

Raz Kids - Puppets

Today for daily 6 I read a book called puppets. I learnt a lot about puppets. Their was some really intersting facts I learnt. One of the acts I got was for centuries puppet making, was kinda like pinoccho.They were mae out of string,Paint and woods. there is all types of puppets. Puppets like pnocchio,Finger puppets,Stick puppets and more.I really loved reading this book cause it really did caught my attention.

Tables Conga

Today for Can do I wanted to practise my time tables so I done Table Conga. Tables Conga is a game that with help you gte better at your times tables. This is a fun game. There is  numbers splatterd arounf the maze and these x's or virus are coming ou tto get you. You'll have to try and get the times tables beofre you get caught by the virus. If you don't know your times tables I suggest you learn them or on tables conga just keep going around untill you get the number, also while your doing that you can right down the timestables to learn them.

Free Rice

Today for other I done free rice. I done the same english volcabuary because I need to understand more words. Thi time I tried my best and raised 360 rgrains of rice. I am happy of my accoplish because I kept going and thought of thoose who really want to eat. fre rice is a game that donates rice to people that really wants to eat. You can do any subject. I like doing english. Any person can plau this game. I suggest you play this game to help raise grain rice for the people that wants to eat. I really like playing this game beacuse I like to donate rice to the peole that wants to eat.

Blog Commenting

For today's blog I commented on Jack's Kiwi Sport post. I think he done well writing his blurb. He added in some info that made me get hiped up to read more.Jack said LS1 B done some high jump.Jack included how high he jumped. I think jack tried his best jumping very high, Why I think this is that he said he jumped hight than he did before, I saw a picture of jack jumping, "Good Job  jack"

Thursday, 21 September 2017

Party Jigsaw

Complete this collaborative jigsaw to help you create a DLO that shows us who we are voting for.
Remember to attribute your images!

Bill English
Image result for bill english
Photo by Wikipedia/CC BY 3.0

Image result for national party logo
Image result for clutha southland electorate
Jacinda Ardern
Screenshot 2017-09-18 at 14.36.57.pngLink to Jacinda Ardern.jpg/ CC BY-SA 3.0
File:New Zealand Labour logo.svg
Link to New Zealand labour party / public domain
Screenshot 2017-09-21 at 11.26.01.pngMt Albert
David Seymour
by mathmo / CC BY-SA 3.0
Image result
Link By Source / CC By-SA 3.0
EpsomScreenshot 2017-09-21 at 11.30.13.png
Tuku Morgan
Screenshot 2017-09-19 at 14.12.35.pngLink by Source / Fair use

Screenshot 2017-09-21 at 21.42.39.pngAuckland
United future

Image result for damian light
Screenshot 2017-09-21 at 19.58.55.pngLink by Source/ fair use
Screenshot 2017-09-21 at 20.29.23.png
New Zealand first
Winston peters
Screenshot 2017-09-21 at 12.22.22.png
Screenshot 2017-09-21 at 21.38.03.pngLink by New Zealand First/ Public Domain
Screenshot 2017-09-21 at 18.53.24.pngNorthland - New Zealand by Ridcully Jack / CC BY-SA 4.0
James Shaw
Screenshot 2017-09-21 at 20.31.07.pngLink by Green Party NZ / CC BY-SA 4.0
Screenshot 2017-09-21 at 20.33.48.png
Link by Source / Fair use
Screenshot 2017-09-21 at 21.34.30.pngWellington New Zealand
The Opportunities
Gareth Morgan
Screenshot 2017-09-20 at 23.24.37.pngLink by Rosa Stewart / CC BY-SA 2.0
Screenshot 2017-09-20 at 23.26.39.pngLink by TOP / Public domain
Screenshot 2017-09-20 at 23.31.39.pngLink by Ridcully Jack / CC BY-SA 4.0 - Epsom

Today for inquiry LS1 got to do elections. For our must do we had to make a jigsaw. Mrs Anderson kindly made our election slide and jigsaw. What we had to do was we had to get all of the parties and find a person for the party. What I mean is that if it was labour I would have to find a person that is in the labour party. We had to try and attribute the images we found. The hardest thing to do about this is finding the electorate. We had to look at link images and more. I used images and Links mostly.

Raz Kids

Today for daily 6 I wanted to do raz kids like always. Raz Kids is a webite that you can read books on. Ths will engange your knowledge of things and on test it would be really easy for you to answer the questions. For today's raz kids book I read Asthma. I learnt a lot on asthma. One thing I learnt from it is when you are close to having a asthma attack your lungs tupe start to swallow up.

Free Rice

Today for other I wanted to do free rice. The reason I done this is because I want to donate rice to the poor. This game * Free Rice* is a donation game. You can do any work or subject. But you'll have to try and get the answers right. If you get the answers right then you'll donate an amount of rice to the poor or people that really wants to eat. I done english vocabulary. I am quite good at doing this one. English vocabulary is when you have a word like rice and a list on the bottom that are mixed up. You'll have to pick whihc one rice means and of course rice is a type of food.

Blog Commenting

Today for Blog Comenting I decidedto bog on someones blog that I've never bloged on. This person's name is Mojtaba. I bloged on Mojtaba's Haoura animation. I thought his animation was pretty cool. It really caught my attention.

Kiwi Sport

Today for Kiwi Sport LS1 B learnt how to do shotput. It was really fun to do. We first went through the instructions and the ryme instruction we had to do was Chin,Knee,Toe all in a row, Dirty fingers,dirty neck,Clean Pams, Elbows up and Low,High watch it fly. We had to get in partners, My partner was Mele. Then in one straight line we had to face the hall. At some points we could throw in our own moments. The from the hall we had to face away from where we were throwing wich was the feild. Then do our ryme instructions. At Kiwi Sport I had a lot of fun, But at some points it was really hard to throw the ball properly. We also had to make sure when we thrw the ball our arm and to be on top of our head.

Kiwi Can

Kiwi Can WW9
Today In Kiwi Can we learnt more about Resilence. We played a couple of games. Reselince means comeing back up and cooping with challenges. We got some new Kiwi Can Leaders, There names were Mr Latu and Mrs Piho. They were really cool leaders. The first challenge we played was milimili, Other people thought it was kinda hard. Unluckily I wasn;t there for kiwi can but other people told me what happend.How you play this game is there is one person in the middle and the person in the middle points to a person and says any sound and the people around the person in the middle had to make the action or what the sound came form for example rahh this could be a tiger or a lion.

Thursday, 14 September 2017


LI: To Create a peice of art using: Rotation.Reflection and Translation
Today for mahs we ha to finish off our art. Last week was our planing and this week was our desighning.It was quite hard to try and get the same colour for your art peice.All was well for me and I manged to finish. I got 4 paintd and the rest with pastel. I started of with the hard one so then I can not worry of rushing. The hardest part for me was tracing your art to get multiple peices. The easiest part for me was painting. Puting your art on the big peice of paper was quite hard becase you wanted to make sure they are perfect.

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Haiku Poem

Today for inquiry we had to make our own peom. We could choose any peom type to do. I choose to do haiku. In haiku I learnt that there is meant to be 3 sentance's, The first sentance needs 5 syllables,second needs 7 and last needs 5. It was pretty hard to think of 5,7,5 syllables for each row because you might get the syllable count wrong.

Coggle Plan - Writing

LI:To create a persuasive speech
Today for writing we had to create another speech. we had to do 2. The first one had to be a rugular easy one on aspecific topic and the other one had to be the smae topic but in each box we had to make sure it was 15 seconds. I didn't really time myelf  for the 15 second one because I felt like it shuld be enough for 15 seconds. But before all of this we had to do a brain storm. We had to add in all of our ideas for the speech. We had to blog this instead o our speech. I done my brainstorm on coogle.

Maori Lauguage Week

LI: To teach other kids,teens and teachers maori

Today for maori lauguage week we had to work on this in Partners.  I worked with mele. We ahad to add in all maori things but the main one we had to add on was Greetings,Feelings,Brithday song and your mihi. We had to make sure we had voice recordings to make sure we know how to say it. Also because when our 2 amazing techers ask us questions in maori we would have to answer back in maori.

Reading Strategy

LI: To demosrate our under standing of reading strategy

Today for reading we gathered up all of our reading strategy we done for this year. We have done done QAR and inferring. We had to partner up with someone and try to make our poster or slide interactive. We had to add in all of our info and learning. Then we had to do a video. I worked with Sandra.

Monday, 11 September 2017

Blog Commenting *TPS*

Today for blog commenting LS1 had to blog comment on TPS student blog. We could choose anyone we could. I choose leilani because she is one of my cosins and I see that she had done great learning so far. I think Leilani should add in a longer discription because her one was very short. I bloged commented on her Winter Learning Journey. I picked this because I know that PBS done it too and it would be very intersting wat she had achieve.

Raz Kids - Ravan and the flood

Today for raz kids other I read a book called Raven and the flood. This book is very intersting. It is kinda like Noah from the Bible. But a bit diffrent. This is diffrent because the Wise men called hsi raven to look for a home. The raven took days to find a new home. Untitll on the seventh day the ravan found a cave that he wanted to rest in. When he went inside he saw a family sitting near a fire place. To find out what happens next go to this link Here.

Current Events

Today for Can Do/ Reading I done Current Events.  I got to choose a artical called Silver ferns beaten by England. In each hat we had to write in info on what the hat was. For example if it was blue we had to add in info that the blue hat needed.

Friday, 8 September 2017


L.I: to create a piece of art using rotation, translation, and reflection.
 Today for maths we have being doing art. We had some fun doing this.FIst off we done our planning. Then we have been drawing it. We had to draw 9. Then we had to do this online to start it of and make it look like it is our one on paper.

Poetry Features

LI: To identify vocabulary and language features for use in writing a poem. 
Today for inquiry We had to do a poetry pattern.  We had to do our parterns first so then we can get a peom to do fro our poster. For our poster we had to add in what is the pattern,The peom and the poetry language feature. We could work with anyone. I worked with Sandra. I worked with her because I always et the same partner.

Thursday, 7 September 2017

Tongan Laugauge Week

Today we learnt things on Tonga. I learnt how to count in Tonga, How to pronounce their animals and more. Thanks to Villiami we done a test and I got most part right since I am half tongan from my mum's side. But I'm Not really an expert at Tonga. FOr our must do we had to create a DLO about Tonga Launguage. We could add in anything.I worked with Ellenora. Ellenora learnt a lot about Tonga amd she learnt how to pronoce them better.

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Kiwi Can W7

Kiwi can-W7
Today LS1 group B went to kiwi can. We played some games and learnt about self control and self diciplne. The first game we played at kiwi can was Bit Bot Bounce. Then we got into a group and shared types of risk. I diddn't really put my hand up because I am a shy person.Then we played a game. We had a rope that goten smaller. We had to make sure part of our body was inside the rope.Our last activity we had to sit on each other's lap. This was quite hard beacause some people well the boys kept on falling. We had to cooparte to do this.

Persuasive Speech / Ideas

Persuasive speech plan

My topic: No more Frizzy
My argument: Fizzy has been a big problem , Parents have been banding fizzy from their kids because of their weight
Audience:  School / LS1 / Other People

How will you greet your audience? Hi There my name is Marieta !!
How will you introduce your topic in a catchy way? Fizzy … Fizzy has been a common drink in NZ, We Really need to stop this, Kids have been getting Diabetes,Sick,Lazy and big * Fat *
Write a rhetorical question to make the audience think about your topic:  I mean there is a lot of worst things that can happen to you or your kids? Think about it :D
What is your opinion? Write a statement that clearly states your point of view: Fizzy has been around our world, Kids have been lazy and gaining a lot of weight just because of FIZZY. Let's think, What's the best drink out of fizzy … Water , Water can help you be much healthy, Fizzy can become your death because someone like a person that hates you could poison you by fizzy.
List some facts or statistics that support your opinion: No More fizzy
Reason 1 : Fizzy can make you have a lot of gas, This could happen at School Work Anywhere,
Reason 2: Fizzy for example Coke has too much sugar in it … this can cause to diabetes
And then
Reason 3 : Because the Amount of of fizzy you drink like Fanta could cause you to die
Do you have a solution to the problem?  The solution to my problem is that all fizzy should be BANNED!! For good
Say your opinion again and warn the audience what will happen if they don’t agree with your opinion.  Fizzy, FIzzy can be a lot of damage to your body parts, For example your tummy and bottom, The fizzy you drink goes into your tummy and then the gas ends up in there, Then you'd have some pretty stinky gas that comes out, This is called FART, And I mean who would like to smell that?

Well that's it hopefully you agree with my Opinion,
Persuasive speech plan

My topic: Bullying
My argument: No more bullying
Audience:  School / LS1 / Other People

How will you greet your audience? Hello, There my name is Marieta !!
How will you introduce your topic in a catchy way?  Bullying, We should stop bullying, Bullying can lead to very harmful ways and can hurt you different types of ways.
Write a rhetorical question to make the audience think about your topic:  Why should we care about people being bullied , Well there is all types of bullies , for example cyber bully, Cyber bully can be very serious, You might not know the secrets that other people can say about you,And  This can lead to a rumor. Which is telling everybody your bad or something, and you don't want anyone to think you're bad.
What is your opinion? Write a statement that clearly states your point of view: Physical bullying, Physical can hurt you to, Physical bullying is when someone touches you in a bad way. They can push you,Smack you,Slap you on the face and more.
List some facts or statistics that support your opinion: Stop bullying
Reason 1 : because already over 3.2 million people have been bullied ,
Reason 2 : Because a lot of teens and kids have been missing out there learning just because of bullying
Reason 3 : You might get hurt by bullying, Kids might have unexplained injuries
Do you have a solution to the problem?  
My Solution is that we should stop bullying. We can do this by just being kind to each other, Standing up for yourself and tell Parents,Friends,Staff and Family.
Say your opinion again and warn the audience what will happen if they don’t agree with your opinion.
If you don't agree your kid can get hurt easily, They might be feeling sad,hurt and more. They can be mocked by their looks and can listen to a mean poem about them, This is called Verbal bullying. So this is what I'm gonna say, Let's stop Bullying and make the world a better place * Smile *
Persuasive speech plan

My topic: People don't hurt kids
My argument: People should not hurt kids
Audience:  School / LS1 / Other People

How will you greet your audience? Kia Ora, my name is Marieta !! * Smile*
How will you introduce your topic in a catchy way?  People should stop hurting kids, This can lead to smacking into pulling the ear to the car and back inside
Write a rhetorical question to make the audience think about your topic:  What's the difference? The difference is you're just causing your child,Cousin,Student and more to get hurt.
What is your opinion? Write a statement that clearly states your point of view: Well a lot of strangers,Parents,Teachers have been hurting kids by Smacking them,Punching them, Getting them up by their collar and more other people would do. People have been killing kids just because of their bad attitude, For being Unrespected, Not getting a prize and more
List some facts or statistics that support your opinion: This is important to stop because
Reason 1 : This can go too far with kids like using a knife to stab them
Reason 2 : Kids are sick of getting hurt
and last
Reason 3 : You can be injured and go to the hospital for an amount of days,Weeks or if it's too serious years.
Do you have a solution to the problem?  Well My solution is that kids should just get a growling instead, because that can't be bad than getting hurt. We should look after kids because they are important to us, if we had no kids in our world, There would be no person alive… Literally
Say your opinion again and warn the audience what will happen if they don’t agree with your opinion. You should pretty much should agree because you should stop and actually look after your kid more, And remember if they be bad just growl them so then they can have a safe life and a healthy environment to no harm at ALL TIMES.

LI: To Create Persuasive Speech
Today for writing we had to create a persuasive speech. First off we started to brainstormour ideas. We done this so then we can choose what to do for our speech. We had to create and write 3 persuasive speeches. The 3 topic's were People to stop hurting kids,Bullying and No more fizzy. I choose thoose because they really felt like they would presuade other people and shopes.