Monday, 30 March 2015

Kei hea a Ansta

kei hea a Ansta means where is my sisiter

my xtra math

this is my xtra math I got 38 right and 1 rong I got on Rong becuse I thout  7 +7 was 11 but it was 14

Friday, 27 March 2015

Room 5 blog

my dance Reflecion

Friday 27 march
Dance Reflection term 1:The day the Treaty of Waitangi was signed

My skills were being part of the water. After that I learnt to be very still because we made a group shape.I think room 7 performed very good.Our team was group 1 our shapes were very hard because Juliet and Avalon had to be a rock for ever and they were tired. Tiare had to go under the Juliet and Avalon to make the long part of the bridge.The boys had to be on the other side of the water.On my signature I did  an air pathway and a floor pathway.We tried to make our moves perfect so we don’t  get embarrassed.We tried to improve  Mrs Eeles. Then we had to say something about what team done the best movements and how well the they done.  

Thursday, 19 March 2015

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Chocolate Crackles recount

When we made Chocolate Crackles I was happy. Everyone in Room 7 had to put the ingredients in the bowl. The people who put paper cups on the plate were Liam, Sanujan, Alex and Aung Naing. Alaree’o, Tai, Joel and Riley measured the rice bubbles. Shailah had a role in measuring one cup of coconut. Nyjah measured one cup of icing sugar. Alex, Sharon and Aiden put the cocoa in the bowl. At the end of the day Alaree’o, Shailah and Taylor took the Chocolate Crackles to the hall fridge. After that people went to the hall and came back with the chocolate crackles.

My Art reflection

Making a Woven photo Reflection

  1. What are you most pleased with? Why / why not?
I like the colour I used, which was red for the background.

2. What did you learn from making your woven picture?

That  it has to look perfect and line up.

3. What did you find easy?
The easy part of my woven picture was glueing it to the paper.

4. What did you find difficult?

the measuring was really hard because my lines were crooked

5. Who did helped you with your woven picture?
Mrs Linda

6. What would you change? why / why not?
I would try to get my ruling a bit straighter.

7. What would you do to improve your woven picture next time?

do a better job next time

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

my fruit burst investigaion

This is my fruit burst investigaion that I made.the poeple who was in my team was liam me  sharon jacob  and nazanin.

Friday, 13 March 2015


term 1
Friday 13 march

In music my favourite part about music is playing the ukulele.I like  to play the ukulele because it is amazing to me. When Mrs Eeles says go in a line waiting for the ukuleles I feel happy.Music is my favourite part in the whole wide world because we get to play on the instruments.