Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Making Connections

Today for reading I have created a DLO called Making Connnections. Today I have read a book called I'm a  Wimp. This story is about a boy name Jorden that is alwasy a coward. In the sotry there is many diffrent things he does which makes him look like a wimp. For example he went to swim when his grandpa told not to and the consequence he gets was he almost drowend.

Monday, 21 May 2018

Text messages Using Punctuation

Today for writing we were learning how to use punctuation using text bubles and text. We had used a site to create a fake messaging and could text with any subjects. I choose to do the moives with my friend Talita. I then repeated this but using text boxes and using the messages I've added the names at the end so we can see who is talking. I've also used speech marks because their is a conversation beetween the two of the friends.

Friday, 18 May 2018

The diffrence between the NZ flags / Coat of arms

Today for reading Mrs Kirpatricks reading group have created a DLO about the difrence about the NZ Naval flag and the Nz Flag. I've also added in some information abou the Coat of arms for our country NZ. I found out the the coat of arms leave is also on the 1 doller coin. I also found out what a Taiaha is. It is a weapon that the maori used to fight with. 


Today was our second to last week of tech. Most people in the Yr 7 group have finshed theirs. Some people finished early and got to take their Presentation back home. I ws one of thoose people that got to take theirs home. I made a hert pewter cast for my mum because she is a hard worker and I think she deserves something back. My finish was polished to a mirror finish.

Thursday, 17 May 2018


Today for poetry we were learning about a metaphor. A metaphor is a something that describes a word for example the ocean was a mirror. In this DLO I have aded in the meaning of a metaphor, Examples of Metaphors and my poem.

Rippa Rugby

Today for kiwi sport we were playing  rippa rugby. The first thing done was netball rygby. It is when you are in a team and you have to try get to the other side with the ball on the ground. But you can't move in the game instead you can pass the ball to your teammates. We then had a game when we vs another team. It was the same game but you could move. This time if you got touched by the other team the you have to pass the ball to another teammate. If you dropped the ball then you had to give it the other team.

Kiwi Can

Today at kiwi Can it was our fourth sessions. Our Topic for this term was Integrity and our theme was Making good choices. Intergrity means doing the right thing when no one is looking. An example of making good choices is when you are listining to the teacher. The energisers we played were Hand socer and Clap. Our first game was called clap. It is when you have to clap when Mrs Lilly or Mr Matt make a move. If you clap when they don't do a move then your out. Our last game was called hand ball. It is where we spilted into 2 groups. Then we have numbers. When Mrs Lilly or Mr Matt says a number then you have to go up touch the cones and try to score between the cones. I think this week Kiwi can was really good. We talked about soemn good choices and some bad. A bad choice is when you are drinking while driving. If you drink while driving then you could get a fine or worse get your car towed away.