Friday, 21 September 2018

The Eye

This week for writing I have created a illustration about a five seven ten writing. I choose to do The eye because I love to draw about mysterious things. Can you guess what the drawings mean?. I tried to be very creative with the pictures. I used the curve tool, Polyline Tool and the shapes to draw my pictures. My favourite slide is the first slide because it gets my attention of what will happen. 

Spaghetti Bridges

This week Mrs. Kirkpatrick's Inquirys group have been working on Spaghetti Bridges. The materials we used was Rubber Bands, Tape, String, and Spaghetti. In my groups, there was Sky, Mele, and Magenta. Together we worked collaboratively to finish it off. We used bricks as an experiment to see which bridge was the strongest. Our span was 28 cm. Unfortunately, our group only got 1 brick. We had only one brick because our bridge kept falling down. I think we should have changed how our bridge stood by itself. Overall I thought this process was really fun.

Design Models

Today at tech with Mrs Ferguson we have been making models of phones stands. We used plastecine. I thought of different designs to create phone stands. I done three models. My favourite model was the hear one because I thought it was cool. How does this design support my phone? It supports it by holding the phone to make sure it won't fall forwards. I think out of all the phone stands Alex's chair case is the most smartest and coolest. How can you improve it? I would improve it by making my case look more better by molding it properly.

Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Problem Solving

This week for Maths I have been solving a problem with Chavda and Fui. It was a bit tricky but we got some help from Angela. We have created a DLO that showed how we solved it. We think the answer is 20 to the equation

Basic Facts

Today I have changed my Basic Facts to up to 20. I done addition today. I think this one was much easier. I am better at addition the subtraction. Thanks to Mr. Wong for creating this amazing DLO using his great coding skills.

Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Michel Mulipola

Today was Duffy Assembly. We had a chance to meet a comic book artist named Michel Mulipola. Michel is not only a Comic book artist but also has been Wrestling and he is a Semi-Professional Gamer. He also illustrates School Journals, one of his books are called Frog. This story is a comic inside of a journal. I had a great experience learning about his life. It was fun to know about him and I learnt today that he wrote a story for the WWE.

Basic Facts

This week for basic facts I have done my subtractions for up to 100. It was very hard but I kep t on trying. The really eay box for me was Box 10 because the main number we were subtracting ended with a 0. This DLO was created from Mr Wong. He used is great coding skills to create this awesome DLO. I  got a lot of try again.