Friday, 19 May 2017

Garbage dreams

LI:To produce the right wast of where it is suppose to be.Today we got to play a game called garbage dream.This game was really fun,when we first start the game we had to waste our money on some sort of rubbish.Then we got to play the real part of the game.We had to sort out the rubbish in the middle.

Making Connection

Text to self
Text to text
Text to world
  • What i know about taupo is that it is NZ 2nd biggest lake.I also know that when the volcano erupted the lava made a really really big hole and then when humans were made they filled up the whole with water and then Taupo was now lake Taupo
  • Lake taupo is in the north and is next to rotorua.
  • 26,500 years ago Taupo the volcano had erupted..Luckily there was no people living in NZ because if there were people would of died.Scientist knew there were no humans weren't there because there were no human making in the ash.
  • The book said the most recent taupo eruption was about 1800 years ago.
  • In china when the Taupo volcano erupted china record this,They knew this because it said on the book that there were ashes in the sky,The sky was dark,and the dust darkened the air which made the sun get blocked by something.

LI: to make connections with a text Today for reading we learnt about connections and lake Taupo.What i learnt about connection is that it is like connecting to something like text to text,Text to self and text to world.We had to read the book taupo and find text to text,Text to self and text to world.We also got a question to think of and find the proof for it.

Raina Telgermeier

LI:To wirte a charcter description.

Today for wrting we done charcter descripton.What we had to do was get send a template called Intersting charecters and people.We had to pick  charecters and people and then atribute them.Once we were done we now had to make  a google drawing and pick a charcter and write a description about that person.

Thursday, 11 May 2017

Smart Password

LI: to learn what,how and why to make a smart password.

Today for CyberSmart LS1 got to change there passwords into smart passwords.We got to get in a circle and discuss what is in a smart password,Why do you need to make a smart password and how do you make a smart password.Once We talked about the quetion Peter came up with a quetion which was what is behind a smart password,Then we talked about that while Mr Wong was writing them down.

Prove it!

LI: To identify punctuation marks. Today for reading we got to do Prove it!.What we needing to do was learn about punctuation marks aand read a book called ( Getting closer) and find all the punctuation marks like a full stop,commer,Speechmarks and mmore.Once we were done learning we had to get two books take 2 pictures of if they both have a explamation mark ! and put it on prove it!.


LI To identify What kind of waste is there,What is waste and Source of waste.

Today For inquiry we were learning about waste.We had to go on a site that tells us about What is waste, kinds of waste and source of waste.We had to read the info on the site and make a google drawing,Then we had to write the info down in our own words.We also got to be in a group my group was Lukah, Me and Claudia.

Measuerment Recording

Measured objectDimensionSizeMeasuring unit
swivel tabledepth6+3D rectangle
BinWithd18 +3D triangle
glove boxwithd6 +3D triangle
White boardlength1 +3D rectangle block
Respect boxDepth14 +3D Rectangle block
Water bottlelength11 +3D triangle

LI: To mueasure lengths usig non-standerd measument.For maths we got to make our own rulers.How we done this was we got handed a paper that was shaped as a ruler.We had to pick out a shape for example a 3D Block and rule it on the papper untill we were done.Then we had to put numbers on top of the lines and start to measure objects and record it on a sheet.