Thursday, 12 July 2018

Night at the Museum

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On Saturday the 7th of July I went to the night at the Museum. Night at the Museum is an event that has all things to come alive. Voices are heard, shadows are movng and objects are coming alive. At this event we all needed out torches and me and my family explored the Museum. The head rosie sneaked us in quietly because we didn't was to get caught from the head gaurd Bob Tick Box. If we do get caught he would throw us out but to stay safe we either hide when we see him or say we are cleaners. I met a lot of multitude characters with stories to tell. I met a Dinosaur, a Pacific navigator, a suffragette, an ancient Egyptian servant, a warrior princess, a statue with attitude, a nurse, some soldiers and a whole lot more. My favourite part about this night was getting to meet the Nurse who was serving in the war. She was very kind and told me a lot of stories that happend back in. At the end there were files of the characters. We talked about the disasters the characters were going through. All of a sudden we saw Bob Tick Box and had to come up with an idea fast. Rosie head of the event asked us if we should salute when Bob Tick Box came. At that time it was very terrifying but at the end of the event I had a lot of fun and Wish to go again next year.

Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Pro's & Con's

Today me and my gorup have created a DLO on Pro's and Con's. We had thought of the not so good things. We though of a lot of great things on what to put on pro's for example no paying bills. Both the Pro's and Con's list were easy because we had some help from our collaborative sharing about the Pro's and Con's.

Friday, 6 July 2018

Chicago Teams

This week we had a big welcome to our 2 lovley teachers Mrs Anderson & Ms Kirkpatrick. When they came back they told us about the Chicago Sports Teams. We got to create a DLO showing information about the teams. Their were Baseball. Hockey, Football and Basketball. I learnt that the Black Hawks were created in the 1926.

The Story Behind the Lighthouse

This week we have learnt about a lighthouse in france. This lighthouse was going through a storm. The lighthouse keeper named Jean Guichard was very scared. A helicopter came and Jean Guichard ran outside to be saved but he soon relise that a Photographer called Theodore Malgorne was taking photos of the storm. Soon Jean Guichard is saved, he is now safe out of the storm.

Pro's & Con's

This week LS2 have been ldoing Pro's and Con's. Pro means good and Con means bad. We got to list down the good things about living in a lighthouse and te bad things about living in a lighthouse. We all worked collaboratively with our groups. At te end of the session we got to shout out our ideas. We ended up getting a lot of great ideas.

Thursday, 5 July 2018

Lighthouse For Sale

THis week LS2 have been learning about Lighthouses. This activity was to create a DLO showing a lighthouse that is for sale. I made my Lighthous up and I decided to name it the Rockhill Blue Lighthouse. I choose this name becaue I saw the rocks and I saw the Blue that was on the top of the tower. My DLO has very bright colours because I want it to look likea great advertisment.

Get Wise ASB

Today Jaydon from the ASB bank came today to talk to us about money. The activity that we done was a money game about a trip to Fiji. In this game we had Entertainment points. In the trip we had to pay for some things for example our Passport, Flight, Insurance, Accomnodation, Food, Shop Supplies and Activitys. Our budget was $1,800. In our group we discused what we were going to pay for each one. At the end of the game we ended up of having $100 dollers left and had the points of 31 Entertainment points.