Friday, 17 November 2017


LI: To convert the number of chances probability into percentage probability. Today for maths we have been doing fractions. What we had to do was we had to sovle some problems first then crate a game. Once we created our game we had to make a video on it. We had to do the probiability chances. We also had to get some people to play our game form Mr Ogilves group. I had Angela


LI: To Identify Trades.
Today for inquiry we done trades. It was kinda the same as last week but again diffrent groups and diffrent partners. My partner was Mojitaba. If you were a girl you had to be with a  boy and if you were a boy you'd have to be with a girl. Me and mojitaba done the worker Electician and Builder. It was quite fun to learn about them. I never really knew the an electician's work  was dangerous.

Thursday, 16 November 2017

Tables Conga

LI: To learn timestables

Today for Other I did Tables Conga. This time I am doing my 3 times tables. It was quite easy but I gotta say I kinda got stuck on some. Tables Conga helps you learn you times tables and have fun at the same time. You are having fun by running away and trying to choose the right number. Next time I will try to do my 7 timestables.Hopefully I do well and try not to get caught.

Free Rice

LI: To donate rice
Today for Can do I wanted to do free rice. Again I done english vocabulary. I got all answers correct. I was proud of myelf. I donated atleast 950 grains. I hope this will be enough to feed someone because I really care about thoose who want to eat. I think you guys should play free rice too. You can pick any subject you want to. Here is the link -

Blog Commenting

LI: To comment on other people's Blogs

Today for blog commenting I commented on Ofa's Brushing your teeth animation. It was really cool. His animation must took a long time to do. I couldn't believe he done 232 slides. I think Ofa done well with his work. Ofa is a really hard working student and he is very smart to me. One question I would ask ofa is How long did it took him to make this animation?.

Nelson Mandela

What did he include in his speech?
He added in his info on why we should change the world and our community

How is his speech persuasive?
He added in why  we should change the world and our community
He added in his Point of view
He tried to persuade us
Eye contact
Clear voice

Does this speech have a Rhetorical Question?

Questions I would ask
What made you choose this speech?
What inspired you?
What culture are you from?
How did you remember you speech?

LI: To understand how to deliver a speech/What techniques can be used when speaking.This week Mr Ogilve's writing groups done speeches. But a bit differently. We had summerise on someone. I done Nelson Mandela. He is a very intersting guy.Nelson Mandela was president of South Africa for 5 years. What we had to do was we had to find a speech on him and on a doc we had to write in some questions and the answers below. I wasn't her on monday to know what to do but I did get some help on what to do. This weeks must do was really fun. I enjoyed it.Nelson wanted to change the word or how to change it. I loved listening to his speech.

Raz Kids

LI: To read a book of raz kids.
Today I read we're in business. It was very intersting. This book was about these students. They had to do a prestentation for the Kid company leaders team. If you won the would get 3,000 dollers for their subject. I would rate this a 9/10.