Thursday, 22 June 2017

Cybersmart Commenting

Today for cybersmart we done Smart Comments. In a smart comment there is a Greeting,Positive attitude,Suggesten and a Question. We had to comment on Tamaki Primary's blogs. Mr Wong picked out the person we were doing. I got Kira. Kira is a yr 8 at Tamaki Primary. I think her blurbs and work is amazing. While i was reading through her blog I really like how she explanid I think mostly everything that she done.  The one thing I liked about her blurb was how they had to get along with other people.

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Writing Word Problems

LI: To choose addition or subtraction to solve word problems.Today For another piece of math work we done Word prblems. What we had to do was we had to write down problems. Then we had to solve out the answers. Once we done that we had to write down how we figured out 2 ways on how we solved it. 

Technology Community,Home & School and The World

LI: To use BRAIN acronym to identifypossible changes to a technology piece or system.Today for Inquiry we done more technology but this time we done it about the Community,Home or school and the world.What we had to do was we had to get into 3 groups.In my group there were Chavda and Nyjah.We all had to make one copy of one of the slide. Then we had to work on one slide as a group. BRAIN meaning- B for benifits R for Risks A for alteritives I for Initiatives and N for next or nothing.

Running the Length of the Hall and Courts

Te Pounamu3310
Netball Courts
Te Pounamu721
LI: To Identify the units of time in order from shortest to longest.
Today for maths Infinity got to measure the hall and court by length using time. What we had to do was we had to make a google spreedsheet to record our time running and walking.We Measured the hall first.Then We had to time each other and see how fast we could run.The fastest one we got was me.Then we measured the court.For this one we walked.We all got diffrent times. The fastest one was fau.

Narritive Check

Li: To buddy confrence to start to edit and check writing : Today for writing we done commenting on other people's narritives. What we done was we had to get in a group of 3 then send each other our narritive's from last week.Once we done that each person had to go on one of the persons narritive in your group and check for the puntuation, If there's a space beetwen a full stop and a capitial letter. Then we had to highlight the wrong stuff they done and comment something simple to let them know so then they could change it.Then we had to show Mr Ogilve the comments the other 2 in our group wrote.Then we had to go and fix our mistakes.For this we took screenshots of our comments and highlighting.

Key Words Summary on Mahinga Kai Crusaders


Read the text and record key words/phrases that answer these questions:

Karl Russell and Simon

Life Style,Food,Hunting,Finding,Facts,Places,Traditional,Skills,Mahinga Kai,Protect

Lands,Forest,Ocean's,Endless coastlines,Rivers,Estuary,Globe

In the middle of the night he spares  slippery tuna.
Summer and Autumn

He has to carry on the tradition which is being a mahinga kai crusader
a lot of maori's been collecting mahinga kai.

From nearby beaches he collects kaimoana, Sweet tasting tuaki,paua and kina.But he used to catch cod,tarakihi,kahawai and elephant fish from the beach.
Several times a year. Karl and his whanau would head to the hill to catch a game.

Summarise the text in 25 words:

Kai crusader
mahinga kai

LI: To identify Kew Words and Key Phrases

Today for our reading activicty we done a key word summary. What we done was we had to read a book called mahinga kai crusader. This book was about a guy name Karl Russel and his best friend Simon. This tells us what Karl does for his lifestyle. Once we read the book then we had to do a key word summary. A key word summary is a google doc that has Who,What,Where,When,How and Why. We had to fill in the boxes that had those words.Once we finished that we had to summarise the text in 25 words.So this means we had to make a senteance on what the book is about.

Thursday, 15 June 2017

Peices of Technology and Systems of Technology

 Today for another peice of inquiry we done Peices of Technology and Systems of Technology.What we had to do we got shared a google doc of picture of seices of technology and systems of technology.Then We got sent 2 more google draw.We had to put in picture in the template of peices of technology and do the same with the systems of technology.Then when we were done we had to write on the nottom a definition of a peice of technology and a definition of systms of technology.