Thursday, 14 September 2017


LI: To Create a peice of art using: Rotation.Reflection and Translation
Today for mahs we ha to finish off our art. Last week was our planing and this week was our desighning.It was quite hard to try and get the same colour for your art peice.All was well for me and I manged to finish. I got 4 paintd and the rest with pastel. I started of with the hard one so then I can not worry of rushing. The hardest part for me was tracing your art to get multiple peices. The easiest part for me was painting. Puting your art on the big peice of paper was quite hard becase you wanted to make sure they are perfect.

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Haiku Poem

Today for inquiry we had to make our own peom. We could choose any peom type to do. I choose to do haiku. In haiku I learnt that there is meant to be 3 sentance's, The first sentance needs 5 syllables,second needs 7 and last needs 5. It was pretty hard to think of 5,7,5 syllables for each row because you might get the syllable count wrong.

Coggle Plan - Writing

LI:To create a persuasive speech
Today for writing we had to create another speech. we had to do 2. The first one had to be a rugular easy one on aspecific topic and the other one had to be the smae topic but in each box we had to make sure it was 15 seconds. I didn't really time myelf  for the 15 second one because I felt like it shuld be enough for 15 seconds. But before all of this we had to do a brain storm. We had to add in all of our ideas for the speech. We had to blog this instead o our speech. I done my brainstorm on coogle.

Maori Lauguage Week

LI: To teach other kids,teens and teachers maori

Today for maori lauguage week we had to work on this in Partners.  I worked with mele. We ahad to add in all maori things but the main one we had to add on was Greetings,Feelings,Brithday song and your mihi. We had to make sure we had voice recordings to make sure we know how to say it. Also because when our 2 amazing techers ask us questions in maori we would have to answer back in maori.

Reading Strategy

LI: To demosrate our under standing of reading strategy

Today for reading we gathered up all of our reading strategy we done for this year. We have done done QAR and inferring. We had to partner up with someone and try to make our poster or slide interactive. We had to add in all of our info and learning. Then we had to do a video. I worked with Sandra.

Monday, 11 September 2017

Blog Commenting *TPS*

Today for blog commenting LS1 had to blog comment on TPS student blog. We could choose anyone we could. I choose leilani because she is one of my cosins and I see that she had done great learning so far. I think Leilani should add in a longer discription because her one was very short. I bloged commented on her Winter Learning Journey. I picked this because I know that PBS done it too and it would be very intersting wat she had achieve.

Raz Kids - Ravan and the flood

Today for raz kids other I read a book called Raven and the flood. This book is very intersting. It is kinda like Noah from the Bible. But a bit diffrent. This is diffrent because the Wise men called hsi raven to look for a home. The raven took days to find a new home. Untitll on the seventh day the ravan found a cave that he wanted to rest in. When he went inside he saw a family sitting near a fire place. To find out what happens next go to this link Here.