Monday, 31 August 2015

Xtra Maths by Marieta

This is my xtra math I done today.I got 70 right because I am good.I got none wrong because it was easy

Friday, 28 August 2015

Blog boot camp

These are my blog boot camp comments for today

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Think groups by Marieta,Mele,Joseph & Chavda

This is our thinking group work.We solved it by taking away and adding .In my group there were Mele,Joseph & Chavda. We had to solved this like a team and We were the frist one to finish this.The one that solved it quick was Joeseph because he is very goo at maths

Monday, 24 August 2015

Xtra Math by Marieta

This is my Xtra Math that i done today I got 70 right in a row because Ir was easy

Monday, 17 August 2015

MGR by Marieta

This is my MGR that I done today and we had to write what we learnt.

Xtra Math

This is my Xtra Math I did today.I got one wrong because I thought it was another number .I got 33 right because it was easy but a little bit hard and I mange to get them right

Friday, 14 August 2015

What's in the classes (room 7's) lunch boxes?

In Room 7, potato chips were the most popular lunch box food. There were 21 packets of chips in the class. This was way too high. The second favourite food items was fruit. There were 20 pieces of fruit in the class. This is made from google sheets. The less food was jelly because there was only 1 and also there was less meat because there was 1 on my what's in my lunch box.

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Ways I look after myself Brochure by Marieta

This is m my ways to look after myself Brochure that I finished today.I had to say how do I look after myself like brushing your teeth twice a day.I learnt a lot of things to look after myself in class.

Diabetes by Marieta

\ This is my Brochure that I done today.We red a book about Feletis birthday and we looked at the part when he got diabetes.I finished this first out of the whole group and then I helped my friend Sky to work on her one.

My go Animate retelling

My Go Animate Retelling

This is my retelling of when Ruby did not make the team. We did this on go Animate. We had to pick characters and drag them onto the background.

Monday, 10 August 2015

Thursday, 6 August 2015

What's in my lunch box pie and bar graphs

This was my lunch taking on Wednesday July 22nd.As you can see I had a sandwich. My lunch was healthy for me.I really like my lunch .I need to have more balanced lunch like eggs,vegetables and a  sandwich with avocado,lettuces and tomato.

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Place Value using 2 digit numbers

This Is my 4th place value work I done today.It was easy and also fun.I think we have to make 10 of these.I had to think of 2 numbers not 1 like 7 it will just be nothing.

Place value using 2 digit numbers.

This is my third place value work I done today.I have mad 2 today now I have made 3.I had to think of 2 numbers a put it on number.It was kind of easy for me.I couldn't wait to make more.

Place Value using 2 digit numbers

This is my place value work that I worked on today.This is my 2 one I have made today.We had to think of a number and write it down where the number says.Next you have to make it so my number is fifty six I would have to make fifty tens and six ones.On expand it you have to make the number in numbers and words at the bottem

My fractions book by Marieta

Today I have been doing my fraction book.We were learning about our fractions like doing our ordering fractions,Equivalent fractions,convert mixed fractions to improper fractions,improper fractions.On my last on we had to make the same number that is on the other side on tomatoes there were 5 because you have to take away the 20 and take one part of the 10 away and it will be the number 5 and on the peppers,pineapples,ham,cheese you had to do the same but you also have to count it and make sure it is counted on every  circle.

Number house understanding dight orders

  I have been learning numbers from ones,tens,hundreds,thousands,tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands

Place Value using 2 digit numbers

Today I was giving a number.I had to make the number using tens and ones blocks an I had to express the number as an equation.I also had to write the number in words.

Thinking groups week 3 By Marieta

Today I have been doing my thinking groups .In my team was Taylor,Joseph and Nyjah.It was fun.All of us had to think what was she number and it was easy it was 83.

Monday, 3 August 2015

Current events by Marieta

Monday 3rd August
How to make a healthy egg and baked bean breakfast

1.First get ten eggs and crack them  and put it in a cup.Image result for eggs that are in a cup

2.Then mix it till it is not slimey.Image result for eggs that are mix and not slimy

3.After that get the salt and put in about half a cup of 6 in.Image result for putting salt in eggs

4.Mix it fast.Image result for mixing eggs

5.Put it in the pan and mix it.Image result for eggs in pans and mix

6.Make sure it is not sticking.Image result for eggs in pans and making sure it is not sticky

7.After a while get the baked beans and put it with the eggs.

8.Do the same thing like the eggs mix it and make it not stick.Image result for mixing the baked beans and the egg
9.Bring a plate and put the eggs and the baked beans in.
10.Then ENJOY!!!!Image result for a plate with baked beans and eggs

Xtra Math by Marieta

This is my Xtra Math that I done today.I got 38 right because they were easy.I got one wrong because I thought it was a diffrent number.