Tuesday, 29 November 2016


Today I had done my Richard Pearce and Jean Batten timeline.I don this with Mele. We had to find info on the 2 aviators.We done Richard Pearce and Jean batten

Rocket Experiment

Today Me and my Group were working on our bar graph. Before we done this we had to do a activity with Mr Ogilvy.Mr Ogilvy blew up a balloon and sealed it with a clip. Then he got some tape and tied the balloon were the string and the straw with the tape.After that he let the clip go and we watched the the balloon go.We had to see how far it went and wrote it on our sheet.

Jean Batten Writing Must do

Jean batten was born in September 15 1909. She died buy a Dog Attack in her hotel room she flew one of her flights Across the Atlantic Ocean and some people think she was lost while flying around the atlantic ocean. She died at Palma,Majorca and Spain the Sea that she flew over was (Tasman Sea). Her first ever Solo was England to Newland in 1936 and she became an (International Celebrity).

Today me Nyjah and Chavda was working on our Writing must do.We had to write a conclusion on any aviator and we picked Jean Batten.

Blog Comment

Today I made a comment on Joshua v's blog.I made a blog comment on his work called blast from the past.

Monday, 28 November 2016


Today i have been doing measurement stuff.We had to get a bucket and a bean bug.We had to measure 2 meters away from the bucket so we could stand were we measured the 2 meters and throw from there. I think me and Nyjah done better than the rest because e took our time and on the graph the lowest ones were the best. Miki came 2nd with Ofa because they were the same length. Hajera came 3rd cause her one was long short like 1/2 way. Nazanin lost because she just threw the bean bag and never took her time like me and Nyjah Nazanin tried her best though.

Friday, 25 November 2016


Today I have been working on my rockets.I had to make a rocket with the parts on it like what it showed on on the first slide.That picture on the first slide had to be copied but we have to make it our slef using shapes.

Information On Amelia Earheart

… Biography

  • Amelia Earhart

Date of Birth:
  • July 24, 1897

Place of Birth:
  • Atchison, Kansas, in America's heartland

  1. January 3, 1921 - Began flying lessons with Neta Snook.
  2. June 17-18, 1928 - First woman to fly across the Atlantic; 20hrs 40min (Fokker F7, Friendship)
  3. July 1921 - Bought first plane, the Kinner Airster (named “The Canary”)
  4. October 22, 1922 - Broke women's altitude record when she rose to 14,000 feet.
  5. July 1921 she bought her first plane

Other information:

  • She was the first girl to fly around the atlantic ocean.
  • She was placed 3rd in the derby race.
  • She received the U.S. Distinguished Flying Cross for this accomplishment

Today I wrote information on Amelia Earhart.This was easy because Amelia Earhart Is one of my favourite aviator.! info on her is that she flew with somebody and while they were flying they crashed near the edge of the California road they were almost their in till they fell in the ocean and while the police were look for them they could only find scraps of woman's clothes

Jean Batten Information Report

Jean Batten Information Report

Jean Batten is one of the aviators of New Zealand. She broke the best record of flying solo’s. She was born on September 15 1909 and Died on November 22nd 1982 in Palma, Majorca, Spain. When she started flying she wanted to write books. Her book she wrote was Alone in the sky and My Life.

Today for writing we had to write a information on our favourite aviator. I choose Jean Batten cause she inspired me when I heard that she broke the best record by soloing flights. We had to write a introduction.


Today on Maths we had to do musering. What we had to do is get a ruler,Bean bag and a bucket.We had to put the edge of the ruler near the bucket and mueaser it in till you measured it to 2 meters. then we had to stand 2 meters away from the bucket and throw the bean bag.If we miss we had to meauser how far we messed if we got it in we get 0 which is good

Thursday, 17 November 2016

General Knowledge

Today me and Mele were working on our general knowledge.We got the country cook island. I had so much fun doing this.his was fun because I got to explore cook island on my Chromebook and learning about cook island. My favourite part about this was  doing the current leaders.


LI: To measure stuff using ruler and a string
Today for Mr Wong's maths group we did measuring. We had to work on worksheet 2. This week we are focusing on measuring. Last time we measured with a ruler and a pencil but this time we are using a string and rulers. For our must do we had to do the friendly island and curly lines. Next time I think I wanna do more measuring, but it was really fun learning how to measure from a cm.

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Blog Comment

This is my blog comment for Hajera. What I liked about her Billy Jim Bob is that it has a really good detailed information.

Explanation Writing DLO

L.I:To learn the purpose of an explanation.

Today I was working on my Explanation Writing.I learned that The Language Features has an Tittle,Introduction,Explanation and a Conclusion. I also  Learned that the Structure has Scientific words,Everyday words, Tech words and Impersonal words

Key Word Summary


Read the text and record key words/phrases that answer these questions:

Who? Richard Pearce,The yr 6 7 8

What? Type of materials did they use to make the airplane

Where? At their school

Construction after 3D printing

For an film and an add

It took 4 weeks

Summarise the text in 25 words: anytime

Richard pearse
Tv Advertisement
Year 6,7,and 8
6 Weeks
(Lead Role)
(Supporting Role)
Matai Valley (near Nelson)
Took 4 Weeks
Favourite Ad
Auckland Point
33% Vote
High Flyers
On Tv
Today I was working on my key summary.It was hard. We also watched on how the Wright brothers made a flying plane

Friday, 11 November 2016

LS1 Mannequin Challenge
Today LS1 done the mannequin challenge.When Mr Ogilve started videoing it was hard to breath because we could not move if we moved this video would not even be a mannequin challenge.When we looking at the video everyone thought it was cool.Most of the students said Chavda's pose was the best because sometime holding a netbook on your hand holding it up is really hard but Chavda had the same pose

Blog Comenting

Today I went on the manakalani festival film 2016 to make a comment on the other schools movie.I really like tamkai's zumba one.I liked it because i love dancing and the song really goes good with it

Maths Must Do

 Today Waikato,Tamaki and Whanganui was doing maths together.We were doing measurements.I was working with Te Pounamu because he knew what to do and I kinda did not know what to do

How a plane Fly's

Today Mr Wong showed us the same thing as writing which was Explanation.This was easy because I kinda copied Mr Wong's writing but used it in my own words

Explanation Writing

Today me and Nyjah were working on our Explanation for writing.An explanation has an structure and language features.

Monday, 7 November 2016

Inference (Information)

 L.I To infer information using clues and prior knowledge:

Today Mele me and Angela were working on this story.This Story was kinda hard because when i was looking through the text it was hard for me cause i did not really understand the text.