Thursday, 29 June 2017

Venn Diagram - 2 On Articals

LI: To engage with current events.

 Today for reading we got to Read articals. We we did was we had to Go on Kiwi Kids News To find to articals that were particiarlly like the same. I Done sports. We had to make a copy of a venn diagram and start getting fact on one artical and putting it on one circle. Then we done the same but with another artical and then we had to put it on the other cricle. Once we finished doing that in the midde we had to write what were the same things about the 2 articals we done. On our next Reading task we had to do a current event. One this one we had to read another artical from Kiwi Kids New and then on the hats there were questions that we needed to answer. Once we read the artical we started to write the answers and what happend. The 2 articals we read for the venn diagram was All Black vs The Lions and NZ wins the american cup. For Current Events I done Man could hold mower on his chin. I found out that he actually broke the world record.

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