Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Country Calendar

Today I watched a trailer on a tele show called Country Calendar. Back in the 19's it has been beileve that it is the tele show that has been running for a long time.Its about farmers. I had to come in and say my thoughts of what would it be like to be a farmer. I think being a farmer would be intersting because then I caan have fun with animals.Some challenging things about being a farmer is that 1 you have to do a lot of paper work and 2 I'd have to drive a lot.When I grow up I wouldn't prefer to be a farmer because it means killing animals at the same time to have food and because its gonna be tiring.


  1. Good Afternoon Marieta,
    I've done this task too. This was one of my favorite tasks to complete. I just really want to congratulate you for completing all the tasks for this years program. The image of the farm looks great. I agree with you Marieta because I have maybe the same 3 reasons as you did. Would you love to give it a go for a week? Nice Work.

  2. Kia Ora Marieta,

    I agree, there is a lot of paperwork with being a farmer from buying produce, resources, equipment to managing protocol and regulations they must abide by. Very complicated job I think!

    And being a farmer can be difficult too, I wonder though, being a farmer means you can farm anything. So you could take care of animals instead or grow vegetables. A farmer can take care of animals, train them or grow vegetables and fruits. Would you like to be a farmer if you had those options too?

    I look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Cadence :)