Saturday, 6 January 2018

Future Self

Today I Had to Imagine what I would like ot do in he future. Well I would love to still study my nursing. I would like to learn more and complete the levels so then I could become a kids nurse. I would love to be a nurse for adults but I like looking after little kids.I would like to be that nurse at Starship. Where all little kids need help.


  1. Bula Vanaka Marieta, I've done the same activity as you too. I love it how you've explained what you had to do for this activity. I also like it how you said you were wanting to be a nurse still. At the moment I really want to be Midwife. Who inspired you to become a Doctor?

  2. Hey Marieta,

    Thank you for sharing your future life plans with us, I think it’s amazing that you’d like to be a Paediatric Nurse one day. Have you thought about a university you might like to attend? Perhaps next time you might like to add an idea board to your post with pictures that represent your future aspirations.

    As someone who has completed university, I have to say that it’s hard work but manageable if you are dedicated to your discipline! I hope one day you achieve your dreams to become a Paediatric Nurse that serves our children well!

    Toe feiloa’i fo’i,