Tuesday, 2 January 2018


Today I had to wirte a summary on the movie moana. I love the movie moana. It has lots of beatiful muhsic and its fun to sing with. I love how moana is a hero and cares about everyone.

Before there was just water. Untill Te Fiti was born and brought Islands. SOon her work was done she went to sleep. Sea animals wants to steal her heart to create things but they can't. So Maui takes it for them. But darkness comes and he looses his hook.Moana is the next cheif of Motunui. She really wants to go to the reef but her father rufuses and says for her to stay on the shallow.As Moana grows up her grandmother shows her a place. Moana finds loads of boats and hits the drums. She found out that truth. They were voyagers. Darkness comes to take over island by island. Sadly Moanas grandmother dies and tells moana to save everyone from the darkness. She gives Moana the heart and lets Moana go. SO goes and its a hard way. She goes and finds maui. Hei Hei is on the trip too.Moana convince maui to help her bring back the heart of Te Fiti. At the end  Te Fiti is gone. A Lava monster is awoking and moana see how the heart is the same shape on the Lava monsters chest. Moan goes closly and restores the heart. Maui lost his hook while fighting but Te Fiti kindlty gives another one. Moana returns back ti her island and then they start voyaging again. SHe is now the cheif.


  1. Malo E Lelei Marieta,
    I've done the same task as you did. I really love the image you added on to your piece of post. I really love the information you wrote in about Moana and Maui. How much times have you watched this movie for?
    Nice Work.

  2. Kia Ora Marieta,

    A brilliant summary Marieta, well done!
    I loved the movie! Which song is your favourite?

    I loved the roost! He was my favourite character because he was funny.

    I look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Cadence :)