Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Firestation Visit

LI: To make a blog post about your Visit.
Today the whole of LS1 went to the firestation. It was really cool. I learnt a lot. Maybe the info I learnt could give me a headstart on becoming a fire fighter. We first learnt about their shifts. They get 10 hourse maybe day or night. The are a crew of 4. Te next thing we learnt was about the truck and their job. I learnt that fire fighters have to add on a oxegene mask because they can't breath smoke. Fire fighters work 24 hours.I found out that the truck had tools. I was suprised because I didn't think they'd need tools but I found out info on why like maybe if the house door is locked. One thing I loved about this visit was when the showed us the top water hose becuase they put the water on the peopple sitting down. It was really cool. I think I was the one who got really wet.

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