Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Juxtaposition poem

Summer :

Waking up to a beautiful day. About to get ready for school
The sun shines bright as gleam, as the wind blew with glee
So light and shiney, bright and golden
So energetic to be at school on my first day
Trees are active waving side to side
Can't wait for school,
I'm already occupied
Off I go, Now goodbye

Winter :

I Wake up to a stressful day. Don't wanna start school with people saying hooray,
The cold rain comes pouring down.
Very Cold, Dark, Dull and a struggling day.
So slack to be at school
Trees are frozen looking tragic
So droopy and grieved to go to school
I'm begging please mum let me stay away from school

She says nope go to school.

This week for reading LS2 have been doing poetry. We first read a juxtaposition poem that was called Two Day Wonder. The first text was about the dark sad day and the other text was the happy good day. I had done the same and created my own poem. Juxtaposition means oppistie meaning to a word. My text was about going to school. This next picture was about my Word Clines. Word clines is a ladder that has strong words to weak words. The word I choose to do was Active. Energitic was the storngest word and Eager was the weakest word. The was a collebrative activity. I worked with Nyjah.

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