Monday, 7 May 2018

Nice Work

Nice Work

Synonyms for nice:

As long as a string-Meaning:
As long as a string is a phrase but it is an expression

Example :
How tall am I ?
As tall as a string

Poem : Marvellous Job

My teacher said,
Don't ever use the word marvellous
It doesn't mean a thing
Try...  Heavenly, Suburb, Wonderful,
Ethereal, Alien, Ghostly,
Supernatural, Otherworldly and Weird
Really the choice is as long as a string -
But please just remember this
Never use the word marvellous
Because it just doesn't mean a thing.

Today for Wrting Oaraki have been doing peoms. Today I have created a Google Doc that shows synonyms, Meanning, Example and Poetry. For synonym I have added in 5 synonyms for the word nice. I thendone the meaning to the phrase " As long as a string ".  For example  How tall is the wall, As long as a string. I lastly created my own poem which is based on the word Marvellous.

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