Wednesday, 9 May 2018


Today for inquiry we have been learning about Mnunomic. Mnunomic is a living object the can Move,Respiration,Sense, Grow,Reporduction,Excretion and have Nutrition. For example a Tree can do all of these. A shorter name for Move,Respiration,Sense, Grow,Reporduction,Excretion and Nutrition is Mrs Gren. Mrs Gren can help us remeber what a living object can look like. Today me and Mele have created a DLO showing all the meanings to Mrs Gren . We have also added images to show what we mean by a living object. Some of the images we have was created by Me and Mele.


  1. Greetings Marieta

    I really like your presentation about Mrs Gren. What I really like about your presentation is that you have explained what Mrs Gren means. Have you ever used Mrs Gren before?.

    1. Hi Magenta,

      Thank you for your feedback annd feedforward. I haven't used Mrs Gren before so its new to me.