Thursday, 10 May 2018

Kiwi Sport

Today for kwisport Mrs Morris took us out to play some games. The first activicty we done was we got spilited into two groups. We had to rugby balls and we had to pass it to each other in diffrent ways. Then staying in our group we took the  race of running to the other end of the socer pole with the ball and running back. We also done that in 2 dffrent way. The losers get to tell the other group what to do for example 10 push ups. The limit was 10. After that we had a game of ball tag. The game was a lot of fun. We had the other group taging our team without out moving. They tagged us with a rugby ball. Our last game was where we each had a bib and we had to run around trying to take other peoples bibs without them taking yours. If they were 2 people standing a girl and boy they would be crowend King and Queen.

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