Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Hauora Video

LI : To create a video about the 4 wall of Hauora
Today for inquiry we had been learning about Hauora. Haora is the 4 walls that make you healthy. We had to make a video that had the 4 walls and how to be healthy. While doing this we added in some fun parts and more. We had to be a group of 4. In my group was Nyjah,Chavda and Fui. We used workspace 3 and the stair way to LS2 for the video. This was very fun doing the video and recording. 


  1. Well done everyone in this group, you have explained the 4 walls in Hauora as individual areas of health. I would have liked to see a clear example of how to be healthy in each area, and what unhealthy looks like in each area. Is all food healthy? Are all feeling healthy??

  2. Hi Marieta
    I might do this too. You and your group have made a fantastic video about Hauora. I like the way you added the video and gave information about what you did.
    Awesome Work