Thursday, 6 July 2017

Tamaki Rap - Plastic

Screenshot 2017-07-04 at 22.40.45.pngScreenshot 2017-07-04 at 22.40.11.pngWhat we done first was we got into groups of 4 and then line up in rows of our group. I was group 3. Then the 2  teachers called Daughter and Lix set us up at a table and at my table there were 2 sets of paper,A Stapler. Some scissors,Glue sticks, Magazines and boxes of leaves.What we had to do was on the paper we had to find none plastic places and then cut the magazines then we had to glue it on the paper. We wanted to decorate it so we stapled some leaves on. Then it was time to rotate. At our next table We had to glue rubbish on papper but try to make a stadium out of it. BUt for this one we diddn't have enough green.On Our next table we were with Miss Lix. What we done theres was we learnt about turtles on what would happen if they'd eat to much plastic. The answer was DIE what we had to do was we had to glue rubbish on the turtles tummy and on this one Joseph,Alex and Aung Naing Drawed on the turtles face which mad e the turtle look weird. On our last table we Were with Mrs Daughter. We had to draw stuff on what we could use instead of plastic. BUt instead of drawing We instead used the matirial to make a bag and more. At the end 2 people groups and to go up nest to the stage and show what we have been doing. I had really fun doing this because i got to learn the bad thins about plastic.

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