Saturday, 8 July 2017

Winter Learning journey - Day 3 Activity 1

Today for the 1st activity from day 3 were are learning about animals. So what we had to do was we had to go on a site the Rachel ( WLJ manager) gave to us ad then go on it. The site was called Adopt a pet. We weren't adopting a pet but we were choosing one. I picked The Great Spotted Kiwi. The once we picked our pet we had to write info about it.  If i'd name it i'd name it Rusty. This animal is a Native to NZ. Great spotted kiwi eat mostly small invertebrates, especially earthworms and larvae of beetles and cicadas; they also eat centipedes, spiders, beetles, weta, snails and freshwater crayfish. Some small fallen fruit and leaves are eaten. The Great spotted kiwi lives around the south islands.


  1. Kia ora Marieta and welcome back to the holiday blogging programme. It is fabulous to have you back blogging with us this year!

    I can see that you've already been really busy with your blogging and with your commenting. Awesome. We often forget to post positive, helpful and thoughtful comments on each other's blogs but it really is an important way of supporting each other to share our learning. Thanks for being so great with your commenting!

    Thanks, as well, for posting such an interesting blog about the Great Spotted Owl. I think that you've chosen a really cool name - Rusty. I love it! I recently adopted a cat for my son and his name is Jackson. He's eight years old and really cuddly. We bought him from a pet rescue company. Apparently he had been living on the streets in the Mt Wellington area of Auckland for, at least, two years. Poor little guy :(

    Do you have any pets at your house?

    I hope that you will continue to post great, informative blogs. I really enjoy reading them!

    Rachel :)

  2. Hi Marieta
    Nice facts on the Great Spotted Kiwi! That is quite an interesting diet, do you think you would eat the same things if you were a Great Spotted Kiwi?
    Great work keep going not far until you finish!

  3. Hi Marieta
    Really long blurb you have and great facts because that is helping people know things and I am one of them.

    Keep it up.

  4. Hi Marieta. The facts you have provided about the great spotted kiwi are great. Keep up the great work you have been posting.

  5. Hello Marieta
    The facts about the Great Spotted Kiwi are very interesting. Where about in the South Island does the Great Spotted Kiwi live? Well done.

  6. Hello Marieta, your facts about the Great Spotted Kiwi are really interesting. I like how you have give your adopted pet a name. Keep on working hard.