Friday, 7 July 2017

Winter learning Journey - Blog Comment

Hi Lyric

I Think you've done a good job with you Cyber Smart work. I really like how you have added take screenshot because some other people might not do that and do the others from your ways to avoid it. I like take screenshot because then you could show the police or someone that wold help you. The matters of getting bullied is bad because you right get arrested and getting bullied could go far that's how you cold get arrested. Have you every been bullied before?.

Today I Commented on another person's blog post. But this time I commented to Lyric's Blog. I comment on his cyber smart blog post. In a Comment there is a Greeting,positive attitude, A Suggesten, What they need to improve on and a question. Blog Commenting is hard a bit because thinking of what to say is hard. Th easiest about commenting is saying something nice about their work or them.

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