Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Venn Diagram and Current Events

LI: To engage with current events

Today for reading we had to do a Venn Diagram and a Current events. What we had to do was we had to make a copy of our Venn diagram. Then we had to find 2 new articals that were the same. The site we had to find the same articals wasd KiwiKidsNews and NZ Herald. Or else we could just find it on KiwiKidsNews. Once we done that we had to Write on one circle the info from KiwiKidsNews then on the other circle we had to write down the other info we got from NZ Herald. Once we were done with that then we had to do current events. FOr this one we had to choose a diffrent artical.  I done 2 billion people use facebook. I picked this one becasue i wanted to knew why this happend and how it happend. For the venn diagram I done Google got $3.7 billion fine. I done that one becasue i was intrested why google got $3.7 billion fine. The thing that was hard doing was my Venn diagram beacasue doing the both on google a bit hard for me. The easiast thing to do was my Current events because i'm a bit used to doing it and it was easy for me to use my brain more when i'm at home. 

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