Friday, 7 July 2017

Winter Learning Journey - Activity 2

1. Rangitoto

2.  Urban Parks

3. Modern Malls

4. Elliot Stables

5.  Ponsonby Central

Today For another activity of the Winter Learning Journey we had to watch a video (  What we had to do was we had to watch the video and then on our blogs we had to write down 5 of the most interesting place's we think we'd go to.  We had to read this video not also to do the activity but to know about NZ more. What I've Learnt from this video is that in NZ Auckland is one of the popular city and that Rangitoto is very most offend to be seen.


  1. Hi Marieta
    I saw that tourist video too! Do you think that Auckland is a great place and has so many cool attractions too?
    Great work keep it up and try to finish all of the tasks!

  2. Hey Marieta!

    I went to Elliot Stables one night for dinner and there was so much to choose from! It's great if you want a variety of options :)

    Which one of these would be your favourite place to go?

    Nicky :)

  3. Hi Marieta. The places you have chose to go sound and look like fun. I like how you have wrote in your blogpost what you had to do for this activity. I also like how you have provided the link to the video. Keep on working hard.

  4. Hello Marieta
    Excellent job on this activity. All of those places sound like a lot of fun. Also, thanks for providing the link to the video. Well done.

  5. Hello Marieta, you have chosen some excellent places in Auckland. I like how you have put a link to the YouTube video. Keep up the incredible work and I can't wait to see more posts.