Saturday, 8 July 2017

Winter Learning Journey - Day 2 Activity 1

After a short ride through Auckland it is time to start exploring the rest of the country. Today you are going to venture around the north island of New Zealand to look at active volcanoes, gorgeous beaches, windswept coastline and lush, green bush. As a group, you will start at Rangitoto, the largest volcano in New Zealand before driving west to Karekare, a stunning beach on the outskirts of Auckland. You will finish the day by driving north to visit Tane Mahuta, the oldest living kauri tree in New Zealand.

Today for the winter learning journey we had to read and watch abut some places. The places we done was Rangitoto,Karekare beach,Tane Mahuta and Dargavile. We had to read the story's about these places and watch some of the videos of it. Then once we done that we had to pic 3 places we would go to and why. Th first n i think was the best was Rangitoto. I picked this one because when i saw the video it instantly entertained me. also pick this one because exploring the largest volcano is pretty insane but cool at the same time. I also picked this one because when I saw the people hiking I thought it was cool because sometimes people could tell you things about nature you didn't even know. The next one i picked was Karekare beach because i love beaches. When I looked a the photo i thought it was beautiful and really amazing.I also picked this one because you cold do lots of tings at the beach like volleyball. The last one I picked was Tane mahuta. This one I picked because i love learning new things about trees.


  1. Hi Marieta
    I thought that Rangitoto was the best too! Nice work on explaining but your words are sometimes incomplete. Great job keep it up!

  2. Hi Marieta!

    Well done for describing why you put these in the order that you did! It's pretty cool that Rangitoto Island is a volcano, huh! I agree, I think it would be a great place to explore and find new things...

    Ka pai!

    Nicky :)

  3. Hi Marieta. I like your reason behind why you chose Rangitoto. I chose Karekare beach because of the big waves. Keep up the great work.

  4. Hello Marieta
    I heard that Rangitoto has a great view. Do you know what you can see from it? Keep up the superb work Marieta.

  5. Hello Marieta, I also chose Rangitoto as my favourite place out of the three. That was my favourite place because you have a wonderful view from up there. Keep it up.