Friday, 7 July 2017

Winter Learning Journey - Blog Commenting

Hi Angela

Great Job on finishing of your reading work. I think you've done and excellent job. I think you should add in why we had to use the hats, Don't you think?. I really love the info you've added on your Venn Diagram and your Current Events. How did the Finder of Facebook find it? Keep up the amazing work, your doing very well :).

Today I have commented on Angela's blog post. I think Angela added the right amount of info but not much info I need.  Al though I think Angela done a good job on her work as she did tried her best at doing it and giving away her time to finish of her work. I thought to comment on her blog because she always finish of her work and does work for Mr Wong or Mr Ogilve when she's done. I think Angela is a great student and always knows what to do and when to do it. This is part of winter learning journey as well. This s just another task to do if you have finished doing the other task's. You also get some points on commenting on other people's blog post to. I think winter learning journey is a good way to hep other people if they don't really blog well. This also is a great idea because if you are one f the people that don't finish of your work this is a way to help you know when to do it, Also the Winter Learning Journey is a smart idea because you could be drawn in to get some prizes and stuff.

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