Thursday, 6 July 2017

Winter Solarstic Animation

Today For Inquiry we had to do something about matariki. Me and my partnar Nyjah done the WInter Solerstic. We got info on when it happens and what happens. This was pretty hard doing because it took for ages for me to know what to do next. I really like How nyjah done the drawings because it really suit well for the rest of the slides. Matariki always happens at about June when matariki is about to start. Matariki is the cluster of the seven sisters. There is a lot of diffrent story's to look at for matariki. But the one i'd prefer the most is the one Tony Rolleston done beacause that really entertainded me to know what happens next. I found out that matariki is maori's new year and that they get close together and tell storys. Matariki is mstly commen because when it happens We'd at least have to know about it so then when we grow up we could tell little kids about it. Matariki is one of my favourite celebrations. Matariki is really fun to learn about because the more you know the more you'd get close to known the real story.

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