Wednesday, 20 December 2017

The Roaring 20's

For this activicty what we had to do was watch a trailer on a movie. This movie was with a twist. It was all sielent. SO on my blog I had to write in what the actors were doing and if I like sielent movies/ Why/Why not and if I enojyed the film.This trailer was called Gold Rush

The  actors were doing on a race for gold.They lived far north and hoping to find gold to make their life change.4 destiny's The Adventurer,   The Outlaw,   The Dancer and the  Tramp. Far north the adventure begins to finding gold.The tramp goes through a hard time.The Adventurer works hard. Oh no a bear!.The Tramp almost dies with The Adventurer.The tramp still remebers him and the dancer together and dreams of them being together.His dream becoms reality.

I definitely enjoyed the film and wacthing some of the funny things the tramp done.

I liked sielent movies because if my family were still sleeping that means I could watch Seilent movies without waking them up.


  1. Hi Marieta,

    Ruby here from the Summer Learning Journey team.
    Good work with this post! I think you've talked about what was happening in the movie really well. Sounds like that's exactly what is happening to me!

    It's great that you would like to watch silent movies! I hadn't thought about being able to watch them when everyone else was asleep. What a good idea!
    I would like to watch a silent movie, but don't think I could watch them all the time because I like to do other things while I watch movies so I spend a lot of time only listening to what's going on! That wouldn't work so well with a silent movie.

    I look forward to reading more of your blog over the summer.

  2. Hello Marieta
    Well done on completing this summer learning journey activity. That is a really good idea. I never thought of silent movies being good that way. However, I still wouldn't want to watch silent movies because I won't understand what it going on most of the time. Keep up the excellent work Marieta.